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Mountain Log Homes

Considering that her husband is nothing short of master woodworker, it should be no surprise that Karen Wray, Vice President and Senior Designer of Mountain Log Homes of Colorado, knows exactly what she’s doing.

Karen’s husband, Brian, lived in Oregon in the ‘80s when there was a major shortage of work. So, being the industrious dude that he is, he began apprenticing with a log crafter to build upon (pun intended) his skills. After getting to know the ins and outs of log crafting, eventually Brian made his way back to his home base of Colorado where he joined forces with Rocky Mountain Log Homes to develop his first home on spec. That home became the jumping off point of his now-booming business, which he officially launched in 1988.

Fast forward to today and Brian is the wood specialist to know while Karen shapes the building process from start to finish. There are both advantages and challenges of building homes in the Rocky Mountains , and Karen’s no stranger to ‘em—which is one of the reasons she and her company are among the most prominent Colorado mountain home builders around.

Building Colorado Mountain Homes

Building a luxury mountain home has a good number of regional obstacles that must be overcome, and it takes someone intimately familiar with what can and can’t be done to execute it properly.

These days, Mountain Log Homes uses the combined expertise of Karen, her husband, and their skilled team of professionals, and builds all kinds of different high-country homes, from cozy login cabin retreats to contemporary mountain luxuries. And Karen’s pretty much the brains of the operation. She’s the sales and marketing maven, the people manager, and the client liaison for the most important design decisions on things like counters, floors, paint colors, light, and pretty much anything else you can think of.

Of course, one doesn’t become a killer designer without some distinct style preferences of her own. When it comes to her favorite timber frame style, Karen loves a mix of traditional and contemporary. She and Brian have lived happily in their pioneer log home for the last 12 years, but now (with only a slightly heavy heart) they’re looking to transition into a new home with a more contemporary flair. And this makes sense considering the current regional style trends.

Karen’s finding that more and more people are transitioning out of literal log cabin homes and into more log cabin-inspired abodes. Think modern log accents, rather than an entire wall-full, with a bit more drywall and artfully exposed beams. According to Karen, “If you would’ve asked me three years ago, we were still doing almost everything very traditional gables and dormers. [Now more clients] want something that’s more of a mountain modern with a shed roof and rectangular windows.”

Given her husband’s timber frame mastery and Karen’s savvy design and business skills, Woodhouse couldn’t be more grateful to call their company, Mountain Log Homes, a part of our network of Builder Partners. Karen believes that using timber frame materials is particularly well-suited for the mountain-contemporary style home that’s so popular because they offer a mountain-inspired feel without the need for log walls, which don’t work for all floor plans. According to Karen, “We just think Woodhouse’s timber frame homes are a beautiful product and it’s much easier for us as builders to predict the labor needed to assemble it.”

Mountain Log Homes services Breckenridge, Summit, Vail, Eagle, Steamboat, Routt, Fairplay, and Park counties—in other words, all of the places that are perfect for cozy mountain getaway.