Timber Frame Adirondack Cottage

Woodhouse’s timber frame Adirondack homes merge the homespun value of a rustic style with the elegance of a sophisticated sensibility. Simply put, our Adirondack Cottage is essentially the most elegant cabin imaginable.

Adirondack-style homes evolved from a movement by very wealthy people way back in the day who sought refuge from city life in the clean, healthy air of the mountains. These millionaire movers built massive, cabin-style homes that were as glamorous as they were inviting. That spacious, welcoming glamor is what inspired the home plan of Woodhouse’s Adirondack Cottage—it’s a small plan, but it feels so much larger.

The Exterior

One of the standout elements of this plan is how beautifully it capitalizes on the scenic surroundings of this area. For instance, there’s a stunning outdoor deck off of the great room, which features an indoor/outdoor fireplace that’s perfect for setting a cozy tone on chilly mountain evenings. Additionally, there’s another deck off of the first-floor master bedroom that lends itself to private  and comfortable daily retreats.

The exterior of this home also pays mind to its gorgeous surroundings by featuring natural elements like stunning stone tiers and organic wood finishes. Wood and stone are the primary design tenets of this home because they’re a perfect reflection of what makes the Adirondack Mountains special—breathtaking outcroppings and the ability to let go of city-life and get lost in a forest of trees.

The Interior

Back inside, on the second floor, you’ll find two bedrooms extended by two great lofts, which work wonders to create a spacious feel—much bigger than you’d ever imagine just looking at it from the outside. And that’s one of the main components that makes this home design so special—the exterior looks like a tiny, charming cabin but the moment you step inside you’re greeted with an expansive visual that induces the biggest of exhales.

In addition to how well the Adirondack Cottage utilizes space, it also contains a wide array of details that infuse it with a strong sense of high-end elegance. From the curved windows on the front and sides of the home to the trim with the bow on the end mimicking those windows, this home has no shortage of thoughtful accents that take your breath away with their exquisitely elegant feel.

Woodhouse’s lead architect, Diana Allen, sums up the vibe of this home beautifully: “If I were walking around the woods in the Adirondacks and I came across a cabin, this is the cabin that I would want to come across. It is so natural and fits so well into the landscape.”

This timber frame home is a fan favorite because it possesses the charming, homespun qualities of a log cabin and merges them with  the refined details of an upscale house. In it, you instantly feel safe, secure, and protected just as you’d want to be in the woods, but the curves of the home give it a refinement that elevates it with elegance and sophistication.

Of course, all of Woodhouse’s timber frame home plans are intended to make custom home design easy, and our Adirondack Cottage is no exception. For example, a second-floor bedroom can easily be converted into a guest suite while a loft could be repurposed into a quiet reading nook—the possibilities are truly endless and limited only by your needs and imagination.

We invite you to download the floor plan here. And if you’d like to check out some of our other Adirondack-style plans, this is a great place to start.