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Imagine this – you’ve just graduated from design school and begin working for an architect. But, as is often the case with first jobs, it does not end up being quite what you thought it would be. So you become bored. What would you do next?

If you’re Michael Jones, currently the owner of Breakwater Design & Build, you set off on a new adventure and use your design skills to get into the timber frame business. Beginning as a draftsman for a timber frame company based in Rockport, Maine, Michael steadily climbed the ranks for the next 5 years he until he became the head of the design department. Pretty awesome, right?

Well, pretty awesome wasn’t good enough. So in the late 90s, Michael struck out on his own and founded Breakwater Design & Build. Business was booming and Michael was enjoying life as a business owner, especially the fun parts like establishing relationships with suppliers and “educating [clients] on making the best choices for their home.” But he became lonely and decided to enlist some extra help. Enter Ginny Savage, an operations guru, or in Michael’s own words, a “general manager…[and] wonderful addition to [the Breakwater] team.”

Under Michael and Ginny’s combined leadership, Breakwater has spent the better part of the last two decades enhancing the Maine coastline with their signature coastal shingle style of timber frame buildings. This dynamic company has handled all the wonderful challenges that come with being a timber frame builder, from constructing a “beautiful barn-style performing arts center” for a Rockport private school while simultaneously managing the “many people and committees involved”, to navigating the unique logistics involved in island construction.

So how does a timber frame company continue to build upon – pun intended – its successes and offer their building expertise to a wider audience? Well, in case you haven’t guessed it, this is where Woodhouse comes in. After being approached by Woodhouse Regional Project Manager Jeff Baker, Michael and the Breakwater team decided to join the network of Woodhouse Independent Selling Partners, more commonly known around the world as ISPs.

As one would hope with joining any other elite society, Breakwater has enjoyed many perks since becoming a Woodhouse ISP. For instance, the enhanced web presence from their microsite has connected them to a “larger, captive audience” and helped expand their building portfolio. With every Woodhouse project that Breakwater builds, they are able to work with a “well-organized company and dedicated staff [who] truly love what they do,” while showcasing a product known for “its beauty and, of course, the craftsmanship.” All this is accomplished through the backing of the Woodhouse team that goes “above and beyond” to assist with any sales, technical or marketing questions.

For Michael, Ginny and the rest of the Breakwater team, the best part of being an ISP has been the look on their clients’ faces “when they see all of the hard work and dedication that goes into every Woodhouse Timber Frame [project].” As a Woodhouse ISP, you, too, can tap into the network of incredible resources and establish your business as the premier timber frame supplier in your region. So be bold. Be like Breakwater.

Build Woodhouse.