Known for packing a whole lot of “wow” into a cozy space, our Catawba timber frame home plan is one of the most popular homes Woodhouse has to offer. It’s overflowing with unique features designed to make jaws drop while retaining a comfortable, homespun quality that’ll instantly make you feel right at, well, home.

The moment you walk through the door, you’ll notice an elegant staircase that winds up to a practical loft space. The loft is incredibly versatile and can function as a reading nook on cozy afternoons, an additional space for entertainment, or simply a daily getaway from life’s stresses featuring a perfect view of the back window.

Upping the cozy factor of this home even further is a pass-through fireplace that sits between the great room and the dining room. And this two-sided fireplace does more than add a sweet element of comfort; it also expands the visual space of the dining room by inviting the eye to view the great room through the fireplace.

Meanwhile, a comfortable breakfast nook extends from the kitchen, allowing you to sip your morning coffee while taking in the view provided by the surrounding windows. This little space is a nod to an old-fashioned English manor, which tend to come with cute and cozy bump outs. And not only does it enhance the overall feel-good vibe of the home, but its timber bracket supports give it a unique high-class, elegant feeling. Our head architect, Diana, says of this area, “You feel a little quieter when you go into a space like that. You can really center yourself again. The windows on two sides bring the outside inside and calms you. It is a really great space.”

Punctuating the classic feeling of this home is a stunning breezeway that connects the house to the garage. Instead of everything being crammed together like most homes you’ll find today, this airy breezeway provides a little extra space, making for a more expansive and timeless feel overall.

The Catawba’s amazing features aside, it’s also important to note that all of Woodhouse’s pre-designed homes can be viewed as starting points. Easy conversions, additions, and subtractions can be made that’ll ensure you’re left with the exact home of your dreams.

For instance, the den in the Catawba can be easily converted into a master suite on the first floor with the addition of a bathroom. And then the master suite on the second floor can be converted into two additional bedrooms. The beauty of this layout (and, frankly, the rest of Woodhouse’s layouts) is that its possibilities are truly endless, which makes it almost too easy for you to have the home you’ve always dreamed about.

To take a closer look at the Catawba floor plan and how it can work for you, download it here.