Using Pinterest to Help Market Your Business

They say that a picture is worth 1,000 words. So how many customers is a picture on Pinterest worth? Over 70 million people use Pinterest to curate online bulletin boards where they “pin” images of  what inspires them to save and share for later. It’s kind of like a picture book version of a web bookmark. And do you know what the #1 category is for these millions of Pinterest users? Home & Décor.

So how does using Pinterest help you tap into this vast network of potential customers and grow your business? Having an active Pinterest account with high quality content will draw more leads to your website and improve your overall Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In other words, more pins = more customers. Let’s get pinning!

Pinterest Gallery

Pinterest Gallery


Here are the steps to get you started:

  1. Create high-quality content.
  2. Set up a Pinterest business account.
  3. Optimize your “About Section” by adding a clear and relevant business description to take advantage of SEO and Pinterest. Don’t forget to include your website link and location.
  4. Set up a few boards that are relevant to your business. Some boards that you can start with are Timber Frame Floor Plans, Timber Frame Interior Design, and Timber Frame Homes.
  5. Find and Pin relevant content onto your boards. Visit the Woodhouse Pinterest account to share our content:
  6. Spread the word! Share your Pinterest page in your newsletter and on other social media platforms. Also, add a Pinterest “share” button to your website.

Tips for Pinterest:

  1. Floor plans and home renderings are very popular. Draw them. Make them. Pin them. Don’t forget that Woodhouse has this content for you to share!
  2. Resize your images to these Pinterest specs (735 pixels x adjusted to height) for optimal viewing.
  3. Use a scheduling tool such as viraltag or hubspot to automate your posts.
  4. Pin consistently and constantly.
  5. Design boards to represent your business.
  6. Engage with your customers. Show them the man behind the curtain.
  7. Infographics are very popular on Pinterest. Draw them. Make them. Pin them.
  8. Name images strategically by adding keywords or hyphens so search engines recognize the image name.
  9. Always link images back to your website.
  10. Title your different boards with unique keywords.
  11. Share quality content from other people.
  12. Post on group boards.
  13. Use your analytics to see what is popular.

 Want to learn more? Start here:

  • * Visit the Woodhouse Pinterest account for inspiration and shareable content.
  • * Wondering how to set up your account? Click here for a tutorial.
  • * Here are some more great tips to get you started.