At Woodhouse, our portfolio of timber frame plans is as unique as our community of proud, Woodhouse homeowners. In our 35 years of delivering homeowners their dream homes with our custom, pre-designed plans, we have never designed the same home twice. Woodhouse’s team will work with you to create a design that not only fits the layout of your plot of land, but also matches your unique vision. No two homeowners are alike, and this makes the design process engaging and fulfilling. Here are some of the architectural styles we offer for inspiration. These styles are just a starting point—whatever your dream is, Woodhouse will happily bring it to life!

Adirondack Style Home

Complete with stone accents and twig details, the Adirondack brings back the rustic atmosphere and post-and-beam construction popular among financiers during the early 1900s. We’re happy to bring that classic style into your new home!

adirondack home

Barn Style Home

Our barn-style homes evoke the high ceilings and seasoned timbers of a repurposed barn with all the trappings of a modern home. Its high ceilings and exposed timbers make it a uniquely beautiful and comfortable home for your family.

barn style home

Cabin Style Home

The traditional log cabin is a popular style among timber frame homeowners, but its upkeep can be difficult. Luckily, our modern timber frame cabin design is no more difficult to maintain than a normal home, can be finished with any type of wood, brick, or stone siding, and can be electrically wired without any setbacks. If you are looking for a comfortable, cozy escape, this timber frame cabin provides a warm, inviting space to share with your friends and loved ones.

cabin style home

Cape Cod Style Home

Our classic Cape Cod houses offer the simple beauty of a Massachusetts beach home wherever you are. The extended porch provides ample space for entertaining guests and a lovely setting in which to enjoy the warm, summer evenings.

cape cod style home

Ranch Style Home

The ever-popular timber frame ranch home is suitable for mature homeowners and those looking for a faster lifestyle. Our one-story homes are complete with a simple floor plan and cathedral-style ceilings to give your home a bit of dramatic flair.

ranch style home

All our pre-designed home plans can be upgraded based on your preferences. Woodhouse’s pre-designed plans can be built with any wood species and we offer upgrades to your home’s existing joinery and structural insulated panels (SIPs). Our flexibility is based around the vision you have for your home—your dreams should not be limited, and neither should your dream home. We are more than happy to customize our plans to fit your vision.

Want more information on how to build your own timber frame home? Curious about our other building plans and designs? Visit our home plans page. This is your year to build—let’s get started!