Today we’d like to share some thoughts on the advantages of building in the winter – believe it or not, there are many!

  • First, general contractors and tradespeople are looking for work in the winter because, just as you thought, many people believe that they should not attempt to build their home in the cold months. This desire may translate into cost savings as builders offer discounts to insure that they have work year-round.
  • It’s not just work that a tradesperson wants, however. What they really want is inside work! A key feature of our construction process, which is different from traditional construction, is the use of Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs). SIPs allow the homebuilder to get to an insulated shell much faster. And the SIPs are so energy efficient that it is easy to keep the project warm with minimal energy usage.
  • Concerned about snow removal? There may be some added cost to keep the driveway and work site clear but, in reality, snow is no bother and, in fact, it is easier to deal with than rain when using tarps to keep things dry. Add to that snow’s insulating properties, and you won’t have to be concerned with deep ground freezing.

Waiting to build can incur additional cost (material and labor price increases, interest rate changes, cost of inventory, etc.) and that is why it always makes (financial) sense to build sooner rather than later. Like many tradespeople, we actually offer discounts to clients taking delivery in the winter (it’s our slow time too). A winter construction schedule means your family can move in sooner and get settled with new schools, friends, and routines.

Please speak with your Regional Project Manager if you would like to explore the idea of building this winter. Contact us at in**@ti**********.com or please call: 800-227-4311.