From the Blue Hills to the Rockies, each Woodhouse timber frame answers to the true leader of the home – the dog of the house. Come meet the pooches who rule their kingdoms with a firm bark and a friendly smile:

A dog’s home

Mulligan and Lucy

Meet the Seamans. Mulligan and Lucy live in a Woodhouse timber frame home located in New York’s Finger Lakes Region with their humans Woodhouse Owner Pat, his wife, Tracy, and their family. Mulligan, a 4-year-old Newfoundland/poodle mix, is a fitness fanatic and loves taking walks everyday with Pat on the Black Diamond Trail right next to their house.


Lucy is a 4-year-old Newfoundland and is loving to everyone she meets, dogs and humans alike. She also is quite the foodie and loves to eat her way through new cuisines.


Mulligan and Lucy love their home fiercely and are great watch dogs that protect their humans from leaves and the deadliest creatures that roam the woods – squirrels. But they are always welcoming to other humans who visit the Seaman household.

Mulligan on the porch


Darby, a fellow Woodhouse homeowner, is an 18-month-old yellow lab who lives with her humans in Dunlap, Tennessee. A true Southern belle, she displays the utmost Southern charm and hospitality, falling in love with every human and dog she meets. Darby oversees the daily activities of her timber frame from her favorite places: the front porch, the driveway, and the front and back decks. These are the optimal locations for her to enjoy the Southern breezes and daydream about getting loose and playing with her neighbors, the local deer and turkeys.

Darby and her home

As with all other Woodhouse homeowners of the Labrador variety, Darby loves to fetch and retrieve just about anything. This genteel lady knows how to turn on her Southern charm to get what she wants. Every morning, she respectfully demands that her humans accompany her while she takes long promenades along the private roads and trails in their local resort. Darby does shed her gentle demeanor from time to time; her guilty pleasures are swimming in the lake and romping through the nearby stream.

Darby watching the deer from her porch

Molly, Reilly, Bailey, and Pippen

Molly, Reilly, Bailey, and Pippen by the lake

Up on the shores of Cayuga Lake in Upstate New York lives another Woodhouse family, a pack of 4 chocolate labs named Molly, Reilly, Bailey, and Pippen. Their humans were kind enough to convert the entire garage into a “dog cave” where the dogs could lounge around in their fluffy haven of artfully handcrafted couches, rugs and chew toys. These chocolate labs really enjoy all the perks of lake living. Their favorite daily activity is hanging out with their family on the shore and chasing sticks into the water until they are so exhausted that they can barely stand. It’s a hard life, but someone’s got to do it.

A Chocolate Lab Home


Boomer at his favorite place in the home

At 14-years young, Boomer is one of the most seasoned Woodhouse owners on this list. He enjoys the peaceful life in his timber frame, nestled in the mountains of Black Hawk, Colorado with his human family. Boomer spends most of his days in his favorite spot, the gorgeous sprawling front porch. He also loves his milk bone dog biscuits and taking naps.


Bullet’s smile

Bullet is the newest addition to the Woodhouse family. He met his human, Chuck Norton, nearly 15 years ago at a local shelter. He dazzled Chuck with his infectious smile and the rest was history. Bullet enjoys running around like a perpetual 2-year-old and not acting his true age, since he knows his antics add joy to Chuck and his wife, Marilyn’s lives.

Bullet helping celebrate his mom and dad’s 22nd wedding anniversary at the build site last year in November. He walked in front of the camera right on cue without any prompting!

Bullet and Chuck recently founded their own timber frame company, Timberstream, and joined the Woodhouse Independent Selling Partner Network. They are in the finishing stages of completing their first project – their very own timber frame home in Carrollton, Georgia, where Bullet has overseen construction from day 1. When he’s not building timber frames, Bullet enjoys shadowing Chuck and Marilyn everywhere and relaxing under the shade of the trees by the cow pasture when it is hot outside.

The raising of Bullets’ timber frame



Running like the wind

Skylar is a 2-year-old Weimaraner who lives in a Woodhouse timber frame home in Ithaca, New York. Skyler loves working on her tan; her favorite room of the house is any room that has the most sun!Skyler is very dedicated to perfecting her glow and will move around the house all day, chasing the sunny spots from hour to hour. Her favorite thing in her house is the big wall of windows that let in a ton of natural light every day, despite the fact that they are surrounded by woods.

Skylar helping with firewood

At night, you will find her either curled up on the couch in the living room, or soaking in the heat blazing from the stone fireplace during the winter months. Her favorite things to do are run, retrieve balls, and snuggle. She is quite the expert snuggler – if a human happens to be sitting down, she always finds a way onto their lap – one way or another.

Skylar Playing!

Are you a fellow 4-legged owner of a Woodhouse timber frame? We would love to meet you! Please tell your humans to share photos, videos, and stories with us! If you would love to rule over a Woodhouse home of your own, but haven’t found the perfect floor plan for you to enjoy the dog days of summer (and winter), tell your owners that we are here to help! Learn more about how to get started here.