This little fellow is a longleaf pine tree in its juvenile “grass stage”, which can last for several years. After that period, it begins growing in earnest and can reach heights of over 100’, with long, straight trunks two feet or more in diameter.

This species once covered much of the Southeastern U.S., and was a valuable source of lumber and timbers for shipbuilding, as well as construction from colonial times through the nineteenth century. Longleaf Pine, Shortleaf Pine, Slash Pine, and Loblolly Pine are collectively grouped as Southern Yellow Pine. While they are commonly used for dimensional lumber (i.e., 2x4s, etc.), Woodhouse® is one of the only timber frame companies using this traditional American building material.

This wood, which is virtually as strong as the timber framing favorite – Douglas fir – comes without fir’s premium price. We even kiln dry it to make it nice and stable. So one day, decades and decades from now, this little grass stage longleaf pine may get a second life as a timber in a Woodhouse home.

Thanks to Woodhouse Builder Partner, Jess Dishner from Dishner Developers, who photographed this longleaf pine baby near his home just outside of Pinehurst NC (guess how that village got its name!). Let us know if you’d like to know more about how we use Southern Yellow Pine, or come visit us in Pennsylvania where we used it to build our new Design Studio. Learn more about timber frame wood species here.