Working with your own architect on your timber frame dream? Or, perhaps you are an architect creating your next residential or commercial work of art. Woodhouse® The Timber Frame Company makes it easy to add timber framing to your designs. Since 1979, Woodhouse has employed architects and home designer and are also experienced in working with outside architects, engineers and designers. Architects don’t need a working knowledge of timber frame joinery to create stunning timber frame showpieces, they can provide the basic design and vision and we provide support, knowledgeable client services and, of course, the timber framing package. We have the production capability to handle all of your projects from large commercial structures, to residential homes and additions.

Timber framing combines traditional features with modern building techniques that allow your designs to truly come to life. Exposed beams,

great rooms and open floor plans are just some of the elements timber framing is known for and Woodhouse has been an industry leader for nearly 35 years.
Timber Frame Architects From Woodhouse
Benefits for the Architect


·       Design Flexibility – The Woodhouse timber frame system is adaptable to any style and offers open floor plans limited only by your imagination.


·       Makes Ordinary Structures Extraordinary – Clients satisfied with their finished structure means more referrals for your firm.


·       Design Collaboration – You design the structure and we design the timber frame.


·       Full Support – From structural and construction drawings to an experienced on site timber frame technical rep, we strive to make every aspect of your timber project as seamless as possible.


Benefits for the Client


·       Affordable – Often built for the same or even less than conventional custom building techniques and substantial cost savings over time.


·       Highest Quality – An American product with European craftsmanship that is built to last.


·       Energy Efficient – Saves up to 50% on heating and cooling costs over the life of the building.


·       High Indoor Air Quality – Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) walls lock out moisture and eliminate air pockets to help prevent mold and mildew.


·       Higher Return on Investment – Less time in construction means greater return on investment.


·       Pride in Ownership – With your help we create timeless one-of–a-kind structures that are treasured for generations to come.


Contact Woodhouse  today to discuss your next vision with our in-house design team. Our joinery shop currently has openings in the beginning of the year. Email or call 800-227-4311.