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Timber Frame Wedding Venues

On average couples pay more than $15,000 for a wedding venue. With seemingly endless demand in several key markets, many business owners are looking to add or expand their capacity to capitalize on this opportunity. If you are seeking to create a wedding venue that is exquisite, a timber frame structure or pavilion from Woodhouse will never fail to impress your guests. The structural strength of timber framing has long set the standard for integrity and elegance. Once guests see the timber frame from Woodhouse at your location, couples will line up to use your memorable timber frame for their special day.

Modern, rustic, or something completely unique? The commercial building design possibilities with the timber frame building system are endless. Timber trusses, for example, come in all shapes and sizes: Picture a curved chord spanning the entire structure, or a dramatic scissor truss configuration welcoming the entire wedding party, and maybe a circular truss configuration for space where the happy couple exchanges their vows. There are endless design possibilities, contact us to get started.

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