An Introduction to the Design Process

The Woodhouse organization is comprised of talented people – designers, project managers, and artisans – who bring a wealth of experience (many with over 20 and 30 years and some with over 40 years) to the successful development of your project. These folks are committed to helping you achieve your specific objectives and to properly balance your schedule, financial budget, and design program.

The purpose of this manual is to help you take the next step in the communication process between yourself and the Woodhouse team with respect to these objectives and with a specific focus on the design program. We have found that, without our guidance, many folks arrive at the initial design consultation unprepared to transfer the kind of information that helps get a project off to a good start. This manual will help you prepare for the
initiation of a design agreement and design consultation.

Download “An Introduction to the Design Process” now and get inspired “The Woodhouse Way”.

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