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Carlson-Farmer Inc. is a full-service contractor that specializes in roofing, remodeling, and custom homes. They launched in 1988, with their office tucked away in the Blue Ridge Mountains of western North Carolina. They’ve since expanded and are now licensed and insured in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee. If you haven’t yet heard of Carlson-Farmer, don’t assume that this business hasn’t left their mark in the timber frame industry. Their Woodhouse partnership has greatly contributed to their success over the years.

Kris Carlson, co-owner of Carlson-Farmer, recalls the building project that introduced him to Woodhouse: “We had a client that was a realtor and wanted a timber frame home. We’ve always included timber frame components, but they wanted a timber frame office. We worked with him to design it and then sourced companies, and that’s how we found Woodhouse.” Since joining the Woodhouse network, Carlson-Farmer has become a valued Independent Selling Partner.

We put Kris on the spot for a moment, asking him what he would be doing if he wasn’t building timber frame homes. Interestingly enough, we discovered his skills, talent, and love for building wouldn’t take him far from his current profession. He explained, “I’ve always liked building from treehouses on up. I don’t know anything else. It’s what I’m supposed to do.” Every fiber of his being loves this work, and it definitely shows.

Both Carlson-Farmer and Woodhouse place a high emphasis on quality customer service and are dedicated to making each customer’s dream come true. Kris says, “It struck me that Woodhouse was someone who knows what they’re doing, likes what they’re doing, and is able to communicate that well to people.” Woodhouse’s good reputation, kindness, and helpfulness ultimately won Kris over.

But what makes the Carlson-Farmer customer experience so superb?

Well, every customer’s nightmare is being misunderstood. Lack of attention to detail on the contractor’s part can result in a loss of time and money for the customer (ouch).  Carlson-Farmer decided from the onset on creating an outstanding customer experience (to say the least). At the beginning, they roll up their sleeves as they seek to understand the customer’s desires before bringing them to life. Details and specifics are the foundations to completing every project. Carlson-Farmer doesn’t design what they think is best for the customer, but encourage their customers to get fully involved through every stage of the design process.

For Carlson-Farmer, the best advantage of being a Woodhouse ISP is the opportunity to work with a company with a long-standing reputation of putting out a craftsman product. Their designs are efficient and customer oriented. Woodhouse’s reliability, commitment, and efficiency have set them apart from other partners Carlson-Farmer has previously worked with.

Carlson-Farmer’s favorite part of the building process is “watching it transform from paper into reality. When it looks like the picture, the frame starts coming together. That’s what makes it great.”. Carlson-Farmer’s partnership with Woodhouse has been a great success and they haven’t looked back since. You too, can become a Woodhouse ISP partner and plug into this network with a proven reputation and the tools you need to take your timber frame business to the next level. Join the team and become a Woodhouse ISP for your region.