Join us as we delve into the details of the new home build process, where each episode unravels the details behind creating a timber frame dream home. From crafting the custom design to laying the foundation, “The Forever Home” showcases all the steps owner Pat Seaman takes to realize the building of his dream home.

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Timber Frame Homes

Custom and Pre-Designed Timber Frame Homes
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Creating timeless and beautiful custom timber frame homes

Since 1979, Woodhouse The Timber Frame Company has designed and built more than 1,000 timber frame homes. Learn more about our history of expertise and superior craftsmanship here. Whether custom or pre-designed, our timber frame homes are created to be a timeless and enduring legacy for you and your loved ones. Start yours by booking a meeting. or view our free timber frame home Case Studies for stories of how some of our customers created the home of their dreams.

Mountain Retreat Gallery

Discover the perfect blend of craftsmanship and luxury with this Mountain Retreat gallery. From the exquisite Douglas fir interior to the functional elegance of the white oak exterior, this property is a testament to fine living.

Woodhouse Outdoor Series

The Definitive Guide to Building for Empty Nesters

While it can be bittersweet, the transition to an empty nest is an exciting stage in life. Your new-found freedom often means finally having the time and resources to live your dream with a home to match. As you start planning for your perfect abode, familiarizing yourself with some basic concepts, topics, and considerations will ensure an enjoyable experience every step of the way. Use this definitive guide on building your home, tailored just for retirees and empty nesters.

The Ultimate Guide To Timber Frame Barn Homes

Ready to explore more nuances of timber frame barn home designs? This guide will lay out your options, and help you better understand the hallmarks of each type.

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Our extensive library of timber frame floor plans is an open resource for you to explore. All of our timber frame home floor plans can be customized to your style and specifications. By selecting your own search criteria, such as square footage, number of bedrooms, or house style, it’s easy to explore our cornucopia of original home designs.


Browse by Timber Frame Home Style

Eager to get started? From timber frame Adirondack Cabins to spacious Mountain Homes, have a quick flick through our visual rolodex of floor plans gathered together by style. What could be more fun than imagining yourself in the home of your dreams?

If you’re planning a one-of-a-kind custom built home, visit our Gallery of beautiful custom timber frame homes to be even more inspired.

Free Downloads: Top Floor Plan Guides

Looking for interesting floor plans based on some of the most popular reasons homeowners love their timber frame homes? These free guides offer a unique and interesting perspective.

Budget Calculator

Cost to Build a Timber Frame Home

Begin planning your timber frame home budget with the Woodhouse Dream Home Budget Calculator, which allows you to customize 20 different variables to create an estimated cost for a home that’s as unique as you.

Timber Frame Home Plans

Whether you dream of a timber frame cottage or catch yourself admiring timber frame barn homes, Woodhouse offers a variety of inspiring timber frame home plans that span the spectrum of timber frame styles.

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Timber Frame Homes in Your Area

From the hometown-favorite timber frame homes in Trumansburg, New York to our featured timber frame homes in Asheville, North Carolina we have designed countless custom homes all over the nation, and can help you find the right local team to create yours. Get started today and find a builder in your area.

Our Top 10 Pre-Designed Floor Plans

Building the home of your dreams is exciting! Feeling a little overwhelmed? Clearly understanding how the building process works ahead of time will help to prepare you for the journey.  We’ve put together our 10 most popular floor plans into one easy to read download for you.

Woodhouse Outdoor Series

Timber Frame Outdoor Structures

Timber framing isn’t limited to the primary structure of a main home. Peruse our work on custom outdoor timber frame structures, including pavilions, pergolas and gazebos. Or bring us your outdoor structure idea and see how we can create a custom timber frame that is just right for your home, business, or event. 

Timber Frame Home Builders

Find a timber frame builder that can build your custom Woodhouse home with precision and quality in our network of timber frame home builders. With decades of experience completing projects around the world, we’ve created an extensive network that makes it easy to find a builder near you

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Explore our 3d fly-through videos of floor plans and see what it’s like to live in a timber frame home!

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Sit back, relax, and peruse our gallery of beautiful custom timber frame homes.


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A Natural Connection: Timber Frame Designs for Nature Lovers & Outdoor Enthusiasts
A Natural Connection: Timber Frame Designs for Nature Lovers & Outdoor Enthusiasts

A Natural Connection: Timber Frame Designs for Nature Lovers & Outdoor Enthusiasts

Woodhouse timber frame home designs connect you to nature in a way other homes simply can’t.      Spending time among trees, breathing fresh air, feeling the breeze, listening to water — exposure to natural environments improves physiological health and mental well-being. This is true for...

Take a Look at the Favorite Floor Plans of Woodhouse Regional Project Managers
Take a Look at the Favorite Floor Plans of Woodhouse Regional Project Managers

Take a Look at the Favorite Floor Plans of Woodhouse Regional Project Managers

Get an insider’s look at popular timber frame floor plans and expert recommendations.     Planning and building a custom timber frame home from Woodhouse is a personalized experience. Falling in love with the home that you’ve waited years to build is the outcome, but getting to that...

Timeless Elegance: Timber Frame Wedding Venues from Woodhouse 
Timeless Elegance: Timber Frame Wedding Venues from Woodhouse 

Timeless Elegance: Timber Frame Wedding Venues from Woodhouse 

Timber frame wedding venues set the stage for memories that will last a lifetime.      In today’s competitive wedding market, an event venue's unique personality is as crucial as the services it offers. When planning their special day, couples seek a destination to provide an...

Timber Frame Home Plans

Start exploring our designs and view our wide variety of pre-designed timber frame home plans.

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Find a Woodhouse builder dealer near you by contacting your state’s Woodhouse representative.

Custom Timber Frame Homes

Work with Woodhouse’s design team to create and build your own beautiful timber frame dream home.

Timber Frame Home Styles

New to timber framing? Learn more about the different building styles, residential to commercial.