The Woodhouse Difference

Our unique approach to helping you realize your dream begins with the simple principle of listening. Since 1979, our team has actively listened to thousands of ideas, thoughts and inspirations, and turned them into beautiful homes that truly are as unique as their owner’s dreams. We have been proud partners in bringing more than 1,000 dreams to life.  Our years of experience and constant desire to lead our industry in all facets of our business bring the “Woodhouse Difference” to each home we build. For us, being good just isn’t good enough. 

Many will say our difference is in our industry-leading 3D modeling technology, which creates beautiful renderings and unique point-of-view fly-through models of homes before they are even built.  Others may point to the fact that we support our clients with the industry’s only transferable lifetime warranty.  Some may say that it is our ability to produce precision crafted timbers from a variety of species of wood that sets Woodhouse apart from other timber frame manufacturers. 

We believe that all of the above is true, but what really drives the “Woodhouse Difference” is you, the people who turn dreams into dream homes.  It takes a team to build these dreams, from our designers, regional project managers and office staff with nearly 300 combined years of experience.  The most important member of our team is you.  Join the hundreds of satisfied Woodhouse homeowners who let us listen to their dreams, and allow us to earn your trust.  Please stop by and experience the “Woodhouse Difference” for yourself. 




Expert team

We have worked hard to assemble the best team of timber framing experts in our industry. Between our regional project managers with over 150 years combined experience, our skilled designers, and our experienced builder partners, we can ensure that you will have the knowledge and talent that you need to help guide you throughout your timber frame project.

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  • Experienced builder network
  • The most experienced staff of project managers in the industry.
  • Technical Representatives with a minimum of 11 years of experience
  • Over 100 years of combined timber frame experience in our design team
  • 38 years in the business supplying almost 1,000 timber frame homes both domestically and internationally

See it before you build it

After our expert design team helps you define your dream, they’ll provide you with drawings, floor plans, and state of the art 3D fly-through videos so that you can see the vision clearly before you start building.

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  • Higher quality construction drawings
  • Unique frame detailing to personalize frame
  • Three dimensional modeling
  • Design staff experienced in both residential and commercial design

Superior Building System

It’s all about the details. That is why Woodhouse has the best designed building system in the industry. Not only do we have a talented design team with a time-tested process, but we also supply the highest quality of timbers and building materials. The details combined are what make our finished product better than other companies.

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  • Each Woodhouse® timber frame comes with a transferable lifetime warranty
  • Custom frame design with the best design team in the industry
  • Electrical layouts included
  • Housed joinery on every timber frame hides shrinkage and helps prevents twisting and movement
  • CNC machine manufacturing, with the ability to hand cut a frame
  • 40 years of combined Hundeggar experience and 63 years of combined timber frame experience between our two machine operators
  • Hidden slot mortised steel connections when required
  • Hidden steel nail straps connectors at post to floor, rafter to beam, and purlin to rafter connections
  • Pre-assembly of timber trusses
  • Pre-fitting of beam laps and rafter laps
  • Custom chamfering
  • Curved trusses and beams
  • Curved braces
  • Hardwood spline connections
  • Exotic pegs and splines
  • Exceptional timber grades
  • Multiple wood species
  • Wrapping the floor system with panels
  • Provide best Polyurethane SIPs in the industry
  • Multiple window manufacturers to choose from
  • Comprehensive package (dried-in shell)
  • Providing Moldtough sheetrock between frame and panels to avoid a gap between timbers on exterior walls and sheet rock
  • Including all specialty ripped nailers and headers required for panel install
  • Roof overhangs included in the package and built out of panel
  • 1×8 tongue-and-groove boards are available for wall, ceiling or roof application in lieu of blueboard
  • Provide a shopping list of 2×4 and 2x6s for the customer to bring to their local timber yard and save money in the long run

Environmentally Friendly Homes

Timber frame and Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) buildings are sustainable and energy efficient by nature. Woodhouse was founded as a passive solar design company and has been oriented toward alternative energy and sustainable building ever since.

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  • Passive solar design principals can be provided if the client wishes
  • Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) preserve and protect our environment while giving you exceptional living comfort and energy savings. The SIPs that Woodhouse uses are recognized by the Greenspec Directory, an independent agency specializing in qualifying green construction products
  • Most OSB manufacturers are members of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) or the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) and have pledged their dedication to preserving our forests
  • Woodhouse® offers the most energy efficient windows available in North America today
  • Woodhouse® timber suppliers utilize managed forest resources for timber production utilizing the sustainable forestry initiatives as developed by the Bruntland Commission on Sustainable Development which was adopted by the International Earth Summit

Continual Process Improvement

We focus on continually increasing effectiveness and efficiency in all aspects of our business to reduce time, cut costs, and ultimately avoid a lot of headaches. Everything that we do is defined, mapped, understood, and improved upon to ensure that our product has the highest quality and lowest costs in the industry.

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  • The only company in the industry that focuses on Continual Process Improvement
  • Ability to be flexible in our process to meet ever changing needs.
  • Quality product for the lowest costs
  • We understand our customer’s needs, as we think about everything from our customer’s perspective