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Timber Frame Outdoor Spaces

Inspiring outdoor spaces and an extended footprint are just the start of the newly announced partnership between Woodhouse and Framework Plus. Whether you are looking to build a custom timber pavilion or want to incorporate real wood accents into your existing space, Framework Plus is ready to create the stunning project of your dreams.


A timeless king post style design that has withstood the test of time.


This cruck style timber frame pavilion gives a mesmerizing cathedral effect to the roof of this structure.


An elegantly simple design that can be customized to your needs.


This double ridge design is a unique take on a classic timber frame style, featuring two heavy timber double ridge trusses.


Featuring hammer beam trusses assembled using centuries-old mortise and tenon joinery, this classic timber frame pavilion kit gives a warm rustic look to your garden space.


A flexible king post style pavilion is produced in a very wide variety of sizes, making it a solid solution for any and all outdoor living applications.