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Timber Frame Outdoor Spaces

Our timber frame structures are made by combining the best of tested traditions with the newest innovations. This allows us to offer full customizability while keeping delivery time to a minimum, and providing a finished product that will last multiple generations.

We offer a spectrum of premium wood species to pick from, and our designs can be modified to meet your exact needs. All of our outdoor frames can be assembled as a DIY project in a “barn-raising” style event, or installed by professionals, depending on your preference.

Scissor Truss Timber Pavilion

This pavilion offers an abundance of detail and elegance created by its double kingpost and repetitive scissor truss.

King Post Square Pavilion

This sustainable king post design can easily be added to existing structures as a patio cover, or independently as a pavilion.

Barrel Truss Timber Pavilion

This beautifully crafted pavilion is stunning, showcasing centrally curved timbers that create a statement.

King Post Long Pavilion

A timeless design aesthetic with its majestic king post and peaked roof.

Gullwing Timber Pavilion

The Gullwing design is one that will stand out in your neighborhood with its uniqueness.

Hammer Beam Pavilion

This classic timber frame pavilion kit gives a warm rustic look to your outdoor space, featuring hammer beam trusses assembled using centuries-old mortise and tenon joinery.

Timber Pergola 16 x 8

This simple design configuration features an elegant pergola, that can be customized to your needs.

Timber Pergola 20 x 10

This minimalist design creates a sleek footprint providing adequate space for a comfortable seating arrangement.

Timber Pergola 16 x 31

This Pergola is designed with multi-purpose for all of your family events, perfect for all social gatherings and romantic evenings.

Timber Park Pavilion

Imagine the grandeur of a fully timbered pavilion in your neighborhood! With a 60’x60′ footprint, this model opens the door for hosting a multitude of large-scale events.

Timber Gazebo

The simple octagon shape of this gazebo offers balanced elegance, while providing the perfect place to relax and enjoy the outdoors in every season.