Timber Park Pavilion

60' X 60'
Imagine the grandeur of a fully timbered pavilion in your neighborhood! With a 60’x60′ footprint, this model opens the door for hosting a multitude of large-scale events: weddings, corporate picnics, private get-togethers are all possible in this large, open space.

The Various shed and gable roofs that we’ve designed architecturally form a central thoroughfare and wings, which offer space planning opportunities that you wouldn’t find in typical venues. Make your park stand out with this timber pavilion!

All Woodhouse plans are fully customizable. Learn how to customize a Woodhouse floor plan.

Outdoor Series

Inspiring outdoor spaces and an extended footprint are just the start of the Woodhouse Outdoor Series. As always with Woodhouse customization and modification are encouraged.

Pavilion Renderings

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