Non- Residential Timber Frame Structures

Non-Residential Timber Frame Structures

Since 1979, Woodhouse: The Timber Frame Company has helped architects, contractors, and facility owners with non-residential timber frame construction projects.

Timber frame buildings are quick to build, energy-efficient, long-lasting, and easily qualify for green building certification programs.

Whether it is your first time building a timber frame commercial structure or you are a veteran with this proven high-performance building system, the team at Woodhouse will help you every step of the way. This includes the design, engineering, and delivery of the timber frame and the structural insulated panels for enclosing the frame.

Offering this elegant building system to your clients is also a great way for architects and commercial contractors to differentiate themselves in a crowded marketplace. Many of our team members have been doing this work for decades. By choosing Woodhouse as your timber frame supplier, you can add their expertise to your company’s capabilities, with no addition to your payroll. We have dozens of designs in our catalog that have been built many times before, as well custom design capabilities with our talented, and award-winning design team.


Timber Frame Restaurants

Timber framing is a versatile way of creating an unforgettable dining experience for your customers. The Woodhouse team has experience designing timber frame structures in a wide variety of styles, from modern minimalist to traditional rustic.  If you are looking to distinguish your dining experience in a crowded marketplace, then Woodhouse has tools to help execute your exact vision.

Timber Frame Wedding Venues

Whether it is a rustic barn venue, enchanting outdoor pavilion, or sleek modern country club, timber frames are the cornerstone of creating the kind of elegant magical spaces that couples line up for. Woodhouse’s versatile design and building process is perfect for creating these memorable spaces to the exact specifications needed.

Timber Frame Clubhouses

The longevity and stately aesthetic of timber frames have long made them a favorite for clubhouses of all sorts. These structures speak of grandeur, community, and a long-term view, key characteristics to any longstanding organization.  Woodhouse is familiar with the typical requirements of these types of structures and would be proud to apply our expertise towards creating a unique gathering space for your organization. 

Timber Frame Breweries & Wineries

Historically timber frames are a favorite for fermentation operations, as the structural support provided by the frame allows for plenty of ceiling clearance, making room for tall fermentation tanks. The elegant appearance of the frame is then also perfectly suited for creating an appealing tasting room experience in the same venue. Woodhouse has helped deliver production and tasting facilities for operations of many different sizes, making us the perfect partner for operations of all scales.    

Timber Frame Places of Worship

Timber framing and places of worship have a long history together, being one of the primary construction methods used in many old European cathedrals and churches. The elegant straight lines, natural tones, and longevity of timber frames made them a natural choice for sacred spaces. Woodhouse is proud to continue this tradition by helping to design and deliver timber churches and chapels.

Timber Frame Retail Structures

With bright window displays and natural colors, timber frames create relaxing environments where customers are happy to spend time and browse. If you want to create a distinguished space that will keep customers coming back, then Woodhouse is well placed to help create a building that expresses your company values through an inviting building design.

Timber Frame Car Barns

Looking for a stylish home for your car collection? Nothing speaks of class and taste like a timber-framed display for your best vehicles, maybe with some metal post-and-beam joinery to give the space a modern industrial look that compliments vintage cars perfectly. The Woodhouse team can style the space to your preference and add all sorts of amenities, like a workshop, bar, or tv area.  

Timber Framed Structures for Parks & Municipal Spaces

Timber frame has been a standard for park and municipal buildings since the onset of “parkitecture,” a style of architecture developed by the National Parks Service to create appealing public spaces that blend with their environment. Woodhouse has worked with several parks and municipalities to create new structures that match this style perfectly and blend in seamlessly with older buildings.

Custom Douglas Fir Timber Frame Stable in Cashiers NC

Timber Frame Stables & Riding Areas

Nothing evokes images of rustic stables in idyllic European countrysides like a timber frame structure. Create timeless equine structures that will bring a sense of peace to you and your animals through the use of abundant natural light and calming natural colors. Woodhouse has lots of experience designing functional and comforting stables and riding areas for equine facilities. 

Timber Frame Outdoor Spaces

Our timber frame structures are made by combining the best of tested traditions with the newest innovations. This allows us to offer full customizability while keeping delivery time to a minimum, and providing a finished product that will last multiple generations.

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