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Timber Frame Car Barns

Collectors of automobiles do it for a variety of reasons – as an investment, for the excitement of the hunt, for the joy of driving, and for the social camaraderie of the collector community, to name a few. The owner of Woodhouse, Pat Seaman, would know as he, and his family, have an extensive collection including Packards, Model As, Jaguars, and more.

Every auto collector needs something special: a place to store them. That is where a timber frame auto barn from Woodhouse can help. Rather than a utilitarian, cold metal building, a warm timber frame building from Woodhouse can provide an elegant setting to showcase your automobiles, a car barn designed to your exact needs and tastes. Amenities can include a vaulted loft above for a second-floor guest suite or home office. Add a clerestory to the roofline, or an entertainment area, or a kitchenette for preparing snacks while tinkering. View Woodhouse’s Carriage House plans for ideas, and contact us when you are ready to get started.

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