Top 5 Outdoor Additions

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Dreaming of summer breezes and heart-warming activities like pool-side barbeques? Woodhouse offers a variety of timeless pergola, pavilion, and gazebo designs to help create an enchanting outdoor space where you can host all sorts of activities.

These designs can be adorned with features like hot tubs, stages, and outdoor kitchens, to create the perfect garden retreat. They can also feature weather-tight areas to house equipment, like pool machinery or audio/video systems. It’s an easy DIY project that will transform your backyard into a resort-like sanctuary, or we can coordinate with a contractor in your area to have the structure installed by a professional.

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Explore our full selection of outdoor structures to see more options for turning your backyard into a sanctuary. All of our outdoor living frames can be assembled as a DIY project in a “barn-raising” style event, or installed by professionals, depending on your preference.