How a partnership between Woodhouse and Monson Inc. Construction, a premier timber frame builder in Bend, OR, create an all-star team for performance, design, and efficiency.

It takes a distinct skill set to manage a complex timber build project. Understanding logistics, budgeting, building structure, and materials, all while possessing a creative mindset and eye for design are compulsory. Monson Inc. Construction, a general and specialty contractor founded in 2005, excels in all that and more.

Instead of relying on sub-contractors, Monson Inc. has skilled, qualified providers, tools, and machinery as an integrated part of its team and payroll. They are a complete package of management, labor, and equipment. As a result, logistics are streamlined and simplified, an especially valued asset when complicated, material-intensive projects are in remote areas, as is often the case with custom luxury timber frame structures.

“We started in the industry as a specialty contractor,” says the owner of Monson Inc. Construction, Doug Monson. “Now we have over a decade of self-managing our own teams. The guys managing the projects have hands-on, complex carpentry expertise and backgrounds in structural building. We have traveling teams go to build sites, no matter how remote, for a seamless process.”

Monson Inc.’s craftsmanship knowledge extends to all aspects of the construction process making it the go-to specialty, general, and timber frame builder in Bend, OR. They handle excavation, timber frames, conventional framing, foundations, and have hands-on experience with numerous building systems with more than 1,200 framing projects on their resume. In fact, it was their expertise with building systems and meticulous attention to detail that connected them to Woodhouse.

Knowing they needed the best Central Oregon timber frame builder, Woodhouse sought Monson Inc. for an expansive, cottage-style post and beam timber frame. With its integration of different building systems and balance of wood and stone, the project demanded a highly skilled team that had the right knowledge to perform the labor. The intricate post and beam work reveals a generous interior space and loft positioned to take full advantage of the mountain views. With their expansive industry knowledge across building systems and styles, Monson Inc. understands how to conjoin different systems for a seamless presentation and efficient construction.

RockyView Timber Frame Home from Woodhouse

A Modern Timber Frame in Sun River, Oregon

Monson Inc. and Woodhouse have worked together to produce a diversity of timber frame homes in Bend, OR.  “We can translate any architectural vision,” Monson says. “With Woodhouse and the ability to blend different build types with timber means there is an endless selection of options.”

One of those options is the RockyView, which Monson built for use as an Airbnb in Sun River, OR. Designed for 360-degree views, the three-level home with soaring ceilings and a dramatic, single-plane roofline brings modern minimalism to a timber frame. Its smart design defies its 1,093 sq. foot living space. The main level features an open living, dining, and kitchen area, second-level bedrooms, and a flex-space loft. Every room features views of Sun River’s scenic beauty.

One of the RockyView’s distinct features includes four large exterior posts, accented with knee braces in the front, that soar from the ground level to the roofline. Mirroring these exterior posts are four seamless, interior posts that move from the ground up to the roofline through multiple levels. Between these symmetrically aligned posts are SIPs. Monson used pine for the RockyView build in Sun River.

“It’s a really cool feature,” Monson says. “It was also a challenge to line the posts up perfectly with the through bolts.”


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An All-Star Partnership

As a team, Woodhouse and Monson Inc. exceed customers’ expectations. Woodhouse relies on Monson Inc. to bring reliable, efficient, and meticulous skills to the field that can handle all build styles. Monson Inc. relies on Woodhouse’s exceptional architectural and engineering capabilities.

“We give Woodhouse the freedom to do whatever they want on paper,” Monson says. “They have extensive knowledge.”

In addition to being able to deliver on any timber frame home style a customer desires, Monson Inc. and Woodhouse distinguish every project with their drive for efficiency. Working closely with Woodhouse during the engineering phase, Monson Inc. addresses any anomalies and challenges in the design prior to construction. As a result, the timber homes are built with greater structural integrity making them more durable and energy-efficient. Managing their own crews means time is not lost in waiting for equipment or juggling the schedules of sub-contractors.

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If you need a timber frame company in Bend, OR, or anywhere else across the Pacific Northwest or Idaho, Doug Monson of Monson, Inc. Construction is the local ambassador for Woodhouse. Contact Woodhouse today to get started on your custom timber home.