Timber Frame Design Plans & Procedures

This is a question which, as you can imagine, we are asked frequently. Unfortunately, there is no simple, exact answer. However, we can offer these guidelines to help you plan for your own Woodhouse:

Average 90-180 Days
For a custom Woodhouse design, you begin with a site visit and design consultation with either your local Woodhouse Independent Builder/Dealer, your sales representative, or our staff architect. Designing your home will then average three to six months and possibly more. Site requirements such as soil analysis, topographic survey, and septic engineering, can add time. Your more-or-less fast response to the various stages of design is also a factor. (Note: Building from our collection of pre-designed timber frame house plans cuts this to a few weeks or less)


Construction Bids

Average 30-90 Days
Expect that a motivated builder will take 30 days to put your bid together. If you are an owner-builder, obtaining bids from sub-contractors may take longer.

Average 30-90 Days
Permitting is universally becoming more onerous with higher costs and hurdles to clear. Presume one month if all goes well. Private community covenants will also add time.

Timber Frame Package Delivery
Average 60-90 Days or Less
Expect 8-12 weeks from the time you order your package until delivery. Time of year and wood species can affect this. (Note: A pre-designed package will usually only take 6-8 weeks from order to delivery)

Average 90-180 Days or More
There are many variables at play, including fitting into your builder’s schedule, site preparation, coordination of sub-contractors, size, finishes, and the level of detailing in your home.

With rising construction costs, now is the ideal time to begin this process. The sooner you can lock into a schedule with Woodhouse, the higher return you will see on your investment (scroll down to read “Building Your New Home: Now is Better than Later”).

Doing the math you’ll see that it will take from 10-17 months or more to build your timber frame home. Keep in mind that some of the above steps can be done simultaneously. Although you cannot build without permitting, you can be ordering your timber frame package. While your frame package is being cut at the joinery shop, you can begin on your foundation. Woodhouse believes that a timber frame home can be built from concept to final move-in in 9 months to a year. If you have questions about the timber frame building process, give us a call at 800-227-4311.

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