Knowledge and honesty help bring stunning timber frame homes in Ohio and the Midwest to life to the delight of Woodhouse homeowners.


Timber frame homes in Ohio? Check. And Michigan? Check. And Wisconsin? Minnesota? Yes, and yes again! For those exploring the idea of building timber frame homes anywhere across the Midwest, meet Jamie Thompson, your personal guide and Woodhouse Regional Project Manager (RPM) for the Midwest. Jamie plays a key role in helping homeowners achieve their dream of the perfect timber frame home for their lifestyle, property, and budget.

“Building a timber frame home is a more involved process,” Jamie says. “It’s different than building a conventional stick frame, but that’s why it’s so rewarding.”

Michigan Timber Frame Raising by Woodhouse, the Timber Frame Company

Building the Dream  

Jamie confesses that he carries a lifelong love of new homes and would drive around looking at new home builds as a hobby. A new home is special, but in his mind, timber frames are a different breed. Jamie appreciates a timber frame’s energy-efficient building system alongside their aesthetic warmth and beauty. So, when the opportunity arose to transfer his sales skills to the timber frame industry nine years ago, Jamie recognized a good match. During that time, Jamie studied up on Woodhouse.

“Woodhouse has an exceptional reputation,” Jamie observes. “It was first on my list of places I wanted to work.”

These days, Jamie helps clients navigate the timber frame building journey. Clients appreciate his forthright approach and honesty. It’s not about sales, he’s there to make sure a client finds the right fit. The dream home is the finish line.

“There is something about working with someone who has dreamed about this event for much of their life,” Jamie observes. “There is nothing better.”


Woodhouse Favorites 

Our team atmosphere sits high on Jamie’s list of what he loves most about working with Woodhouse and that the client is very much part of that team. We have the tools to support our philosophy. Through the client dashboard, the entire team communicates efficiently and clearly. A client’s evolving needs, budget, desires, and custom modifications are integrated into the process. There are no surprises.

Jamie says, “For us, the team has such a vested interest in bringing these homes to life. It’s about creating something exceptional for someone. That house is a great experience during the planning and construction phases and remains a great experience for years after moving in.”


Timber Frame Floor Plans

Adirondack Cottage - Woodhouse, The Timber Frame Company

Partnering with clients is one perk of Jamie’s dream job. Another is getting to see the design and craftsmanship of our timber frame floor plans come to life. And although every plan is special, he admits to having a few favorites.

The Jasper is a strikingly contemporary design with its multiple slanted rooflines. Jamie loves how much natural light is captured through the windows as well as the visual interest created by the rooflines and wall angles.

Jamie’s other favorite is the Adirondack Cottage. It’s one of our most popular timber frame floor plans, and Jamie appreciates its classic style and simple design that balances space and light. Quite the flexible design, the Adirondack Cottage has even been reimagined as a modern European dwelling with a barn influence.


Get in Touch

Learn more about the Jasper and Adirondack Cottage timber frame floor plans or any of our diverse timber frame home styles. Start your dream home journey by reaching out to the RPM in your area for a personal conversation to answer all your questions about the timber frame home process.