Woodhouse timber frame houses are sold through a nationwide network of trusted Independent Selling Partners who work with a group of certified builders to build the home of your dreams.

For many homeowners, their dream home is just that… well, a dream. Oftentimes, those dreams remain that way, a distant vision that goes untouched and never pursued. Truth is, some are content with being only dreamers. But the man behind Timber-Stream is part of the special crew who not only race after their goals, but are willing to let go of their current lives in the pursuit of building dream homes.

Meet Chuck Norton, husband, grandfather to 8 grandkids, best friend of his dog Bullet, and one of Woodhouse’s recent additions to the Independent Selling Partner (ISP) team. Timber-Stream is a brand-new timber frame company servicing Western Georgia and Eastern Alabama that specializes in helping people build the home of their dreams.

With retirement 2 years away, Chuck and his wife recently began constructing their own hybrid timber frame home in Georgia to fulfill their love of mountain living with a good view of surrounding streams and fields. While attending a Woodhouse design session, Chuck and Woodhouse Owner Pat Seaman began talking about Chuck selling homes for Woodhouse as part of his retirement plan. After pondering the idea, Chuck decided to sign on as a Woodhouse ISP with his own retirement home as his very first Woodhouse project. His home will be completed just in time for him and his family to share their first Woodhouse Christmas.

Chuck believes that his personal experience working with Woodhouse to build his custom timber frame home will really help guide Woodhouse clients through the design and building process. “I don’t want to poison their dream with my ideas. I look forward to listening to what their dreams are and then advise them about what they need to think about and give them the benefit of my experience.”

Although Chuck only recently struck up his partnership with Woodhouse, it has been such a good fit that he already has plans to expand his Timber-Stream team of trusted certified builders to southwest Georgia. He is thrilled to work with such an accomplished company that is “second to none in the industry” and offers many exclusive options for their customers such as the only transferable lifetime warranty. The Woodhouse Difference sets Timber Stream apart from other timber frame companies and delivers an exceptional product to their clients and ISPs.

If you are an architect, builder, or just somebody who shares Chuck’s passion for helping new homebuilders with their dreams, then you, too, can join the robust Woodhouse Selling Partner network. Establish yourself as a Woodhouse Partner and become a sought-after timber frame builder-dealer, independent sales representative, or certified builder in your region.