Wedgewood Southern Yellow Pine Timber Frame Home in Breckenridge CO

3771 square foot Southern Yellow Pine Timber Frame Home with 5 bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms.

A Timber Frame Ranch Home by Woodhouse is designed for every phase of your life

Timber frame ranch homes by Woodhouse are some of the most popular floor plans offered. No doubt, much of the popularity for these ranch home designs is due to a more sensible approach to aging by the forward-thinking generation of baby boomers. As a result, planning for retirement and beyond has never been more topical than it is today and, as people remain healthier and live longer, they value a home that will keep pace with their transitioning needs.

The demands from a home that was once a hive of family activity can quickly change as children grow into adulthood and parents settle into a less demanding lifestyle. For a growing majority of adults, remaining in a home that they love is vitally important.

What if a home could adapt to you as you age? What if your home was predesigned to anticipate many of your needs as you transition through life?

Although it’s not possible to plan for every eventuality, there are many common issues that most adults find challenging as they age. If you are planning to build a new home, thinking about it both ergonomically and as it relates to accessibility will help you look at your custom home in a new light.

Baliview Southern Yellow Pine Timber Frame Home in Burdett NY

Baliview Southern Yellow Pine Timber Frame Home in Burdett NY

Tips for designing a home for “Aging in Place”

Floor Plan

  • Access is important regardless of age. By incorporating “Aging in Place” design standards on porches, garage and hallways and 3-foot-wide internal and external doorways, you can pre-empt many aging challenges, such as wheelchair mobility, without compromising design.
  • A study or guest room with ensuite bathroom on the first floor now can serve as a master bedroom as you age. If you do opt to add a second floor to a ranch home, upstairs bedrooms can host visiting adult children and grandkids.

Kitchen Design

  • Kitchens should be designed with ease of access and reachability in mind. Rather than upper wall cupboards, focus your storage needs on base units. Pantry-style cupboards are also useful and easy to access.
  • Drawers and pullout shelves in kitchens are a more sensible option than deep cupboards, which require kneeling or reaching back for heavy items such as platters and cookware.


  • Small appliances like mixers and food processors can be placed on custom pull-out shelves designed to act as a dedicated work surface.
  • Many appliances such as dishwashers and coolers, are available in pull-out drawer designs, which are more practical especially as one ages.
  • In laundry areas, bathrooms and even kitchens, raise the appliances and counter surfaces to the recommended heights and ensure that safety rails and accessibility factors are considered.


  • Door and drawer hardware are aspects of aging in place that are often overlooked. Lever and pull handles will always be easier to use than traditional knobs. Even mild arthritis makes it more challenging to grip and turn a standard rounded knob.

You can learn more about aging in place guidelines through AARP, your local CAPS (Certified Aging in Place Specialists) or by consulting the ADA guidelines (Americans with Disability Act) online.

If you’re interested in a custom timber frame ranch home that incorporates an “Aging In Place” design, the architects and designers at Woodhouse are experts in creating beautiful homes that allow you to live in the present, while keeping an eye on the future.

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