Why a timber frame home from Woodhouse is perfect for customization

The expansive elegance and strength of a timber frame structure eliminates the need for load bearing walls which means almost limitless possibilities for your new home. Whether open spaces or intimate spaces, there’s scope for both.

Your dream floor plan can include everything you’ve ever wished for, from warm expansive living spaces to an intimate master bedroom. From a welcoming sitting room with a cozy fire or a vast living space with soaring ceilings and a large open hearth. A Woodhouse timber frame home can be customized to your vision, a space where friends and family will love to gather.

Choose a pre-designed floor plan and, together, we’ll transform it into your custom dream home

Designing and building an individual, custom built home is a dream many of our clients share; it’s also a process that we’re experts on.

A fully custom-built home definitely involves more time, effort and cost. For many clients, this investment is well worth every step. Working closely with our architects, the process begins with sketches based on your ideas, visions and lifestyle. With this approach you and the Woodhouse design team start from scratch and engage in an iterative design process in which we produce multiple CAD versions of your home until we are all satisfied with the final results.

What if you could have the custom build experience by starting your inspirational journey with one of our existing home plans? Many of our clients take that first step by choosing from our sixty-plus pre-designed timber frame floor plans, knowing that these are all proven winners. Our design portfolio covers every style from the very traditional timber frame Adirondack home to a more modern mountain home and every style in between. With floor plans from 800 square feet to a palatial 6,000 square feet, the Woodhouse collection of plans and designs is a creative boutique of dream home possibilities. In fact, it’s rare that a Woodhouse timber frame home design is selected and built, as is, without any customization. The main reason for this is that it’s just so easy to make it unique.

Bring your wish list then take your time mentally wandering through the many floor plans and style options available. We promise you’ll enjoy the ride as you journey from those magazine clippings and sketches to that thrilling moment when you jingle those keys and enter your finished dream home. The excitement on that special day as you step through the door of your customized Woodhouse home will be intense. You’ll feel so proud as you say to yourself, “Incredible! This really is my dream home! That’s our living room … and dining room. We actually designed this! Oh, my beautiful kitchen, I love you …” So much to feel proud about and so many unique details. There’s no need to rush. You’ll have a lifetime to enjoy them; a lifetime to fall in love everyday with your custom house.

To learn more, take a look at our popular WedgeWood ranch timber frame home plan that a discerning couple in Colorado literally selected and transformed into the customized home of their dreams here:

And just like this Colorado couple, who love every square foot of their customized home, you can feel confident working with Woodhouse. This is what we do and with over 1,000 incredibly happy homeowners all across America (and overseas), we clearly know a thing or two about building homes.

Designing and building your customized dream home is as easy as 1, 2, 3

Step 1: Along with your project manager, you will visit the site of your new timber frame home. There, you can discuss your vision and expectations as well as practicalities or limitations. At this stage the project manager will flag any concerns as to the topography and recommend the best placement of your home on the site.

Step 2: When most clients are ready to move forward with their new timber frame home, they already have a folder filled with wish lists, photographs, drawings, and questions. During the main session, you will work one on one with your assigned project manager and our designers. This is the time you will spend in customizing and making your personal decisions.

The meeting is very important for you and for us but it’s also enjoyable and exciting. The time from this meeting to moving in to your dream home depends very much on the scope of the project, such as the size of the house, as well as bespoke details, additions or unexpected changes that inevitably crop up during the process.

Step 3: When the finalized home plans, permits, and dozens of other details have been approved, and the site has been prepared, the building process can begin. The most exciting moment for every new homeowner is when the complete timber frame house package is delivered. From this point forward a team of experienced professional contractors and tradespeople will transform your dream home from a design on paper to a reality. Your personal project manager, designer, contractors and the entire team at Woodhouse understand the importance of even the smallest detail.

Whatever your dream home is, the team at Woodhouse will ensure a seamless process from start to finish. Remember, we’ve been building fine quality custom timber frame homes for over forty years.


Read the true story about the Colorado couple with big plans and how they selected and transformed our WedgeWood timber frame design into their ultimate dream home.