Reminiscent of a large ship overlooking the sea, Woodhouse’s TupperLake Prow timber frame home design stands apart from other prow front homes. When you step inside this uniquely grand design, you’ll be greeted with a gorgeous living room space that flawlessly merges the interior with the great outdoors. The glazing wall and large outdoor deck create an inside-outside flow that feels like the most luxurious treehouse you can imagine.

Meanwhile, the deep front of this prow-style home allows you to arrange the furniture in such a way that you’re completely surrounded by glass, further enhancing the cozy and inviting indoor-outdoor feel of this home. The two-sided view draws your eye to the gorgeous scenery outside, making you feel as though you’re a safe and protected part of the landscape. And the expansive wraparound deck practically begs for gatherings to spill out and double the size of the living room on nice days.

Speaking of gatherings, that’s precisely what this prow front home design is ideal for. The open layout inside paired with the magnificent deck space outside lends itself perfectly to daylong barbecues and parties with loved ones. Its aesthetic strikes the perfect balance between homespun, welcoming warmth that will make any guest comfortable and high-end luxury that feels like a chic and elegant getaway.

In addition to the home being great for those who love to entertain, it’s also particularly well-suited for people who find peace and harmony from being connected to nature. If you need a dose of outdoor medicine, all you need to do is look up to see the prow front pushing out into the beautiful scenery outside. And, depending on your design, you can build this home in such a way that the outdoor deck extends into the trees so that you wander into a gorgeous tree canopy each time you venture outside.

The TupperLake Prow is particularly well-suited for mountain locales. And the aforementioned wraparound deck pushing out from the center prow makes it an easy fit for any place with a sloping site—be that overlooking a clear, glistening lake or jutting over a peaceful bubbling creek.

Diana Allen, Woodhouse’s Director of Design, says that the TupperLake’s prow front home plan evokes a childhood treehouse, as well as the sailing ships that children often imagine their treehouses to be: “This is the best kind of treehouse to have as an adult. And I do think there are a lot of people who view this home as the bow of a ship, and they are the captain. Certainly the deck as it wraps around also helps to reinforce this imagery… you can understand why this home is so comfortable on a lake or near water!”

Like all of Woodhouse’s homes, TupperLake Prow is begging to be customized to your unique desires and specifications. Its design should really be viewed as merely a starting point from where you can build your dream home, converting it into the spectacular retreat you’ve always wanted.

If you’re ready to make your dream home a reality, take a closer look at the TupperLake Prow by downloading the floor plan here.