Get to know the creative powerhouse behind our high-performance design process and celebrated timber frame homes.

Building a home is a significant investment of time, energy, and money. It’s true that a timber frame home can provide exactly what you want in a house, but only a timber frame company with an excellent design process can ensure your ideal timber frame plan reaches its full potential. Our design process is intimate and structured to give you peace of mind and complete transparency at every decision point. Meet the people who make that possible.


Antonio Acevedo

Woodhouse Design Graphics Manager

Every one of our clients gets a  photorealistic 3D video fly-through of their custom home allowing them to experience the space even before construction begins. Antonio Acevedo helms these efforts and, as such, holds an important position in the design process.

“Typically, it’s not unusual for a timber frame company to consider the architectural rendering to be somewhat of an afterthought with the design process, with the 3D renderings being the first ‘luxury’ to be cut when a project become value engineered,” Antonio explains. “What’s unique about Woodhouse is that the 3D fly-throughs are more than eye candy — they’re vital communication tools.”



Although he’s been with Woodhouse since 2014, Antonio began his career as a major in mechanical engineering. On a whim, he switched to architecture and focused on commercial, historic, institutional, and other “big-picture” designs. At Woodhouse, he finds that intimacy is the appeal of home design.

“Many other types of design can have a detachment from building and user,” Antonio says. “Factors like cost per square foot, building codes, public funds, politics, and historic preservation can often be the main drivers and overtake the design. In contrast, a home is highly dependent on the end-user.”


Favorite Designs

When it comes to his favorite Woodhouse timber frame home plans, Antonio gravitates to the Ketchum citing its contemporary “compound” layout connected with bridges, operable door panels, and creative use of koi ponds. He feels the design stirs the imagination and is an excellent ambassador to showcase the timelessness of a properly designed timber frame.

Ketchum Floor Plan - Woodhouse, The Timber Frame Company

Client Advice

Antonio wants clients and future homeowners to know that the more details, inspiration, and specifics they bring to the table, the better he can develop his renderings to align with their visual goals. On the flipside, he also appreciates when a client trusts the architect’s expertise and knowledge of a building’s realities and in turn, takes a flexible, fluid, and open-minded approach to the design process.


Final Words

Antonio is devoted to his craft. He says, “In my renderings I truly enjoy the challenge of trying to make a texture appear realistic. For instance, siding has layers of details — glossiness, surface bumps, and material textures. I geek out over the elements of realism.”


A Design Process Designed for Your Dream Home

Now that you’ve met our design team, visit our gallery page to see real examples of Woodhouse homes. Our extraordinary design team is posting new floor plans all the time. In addition to more than 90 timber frame home plans in a wide variety of home styles, we provide full custom home architectural services. Be in the know by signing up for our newsletter (we always respect your privacy) and following us on social media. Want more? Contact us for a conversation.