See your timber frame plans come to life with a photo-realistic tour exploring your timber frame home . . . before the construction begins.


You have decided that you want a timber frame or post and beam home, marking an exciting time in your journey to becoming a timber frame homeowner. It’s also an anxious time. After all, this is your dream home. It’s one thing to find timber frame designs that you like and quite another to ensure one of those designs becomes your perfect dwelling. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could take a tour of your future home to see what it will really look like before construction is underway?


To help future homeowners see how their design will look in real life, we are proud to provide Twinmotion, an advanced architectural visualization tool that provides a photo-realistic “fly-through” perspective of your timber frame house. It’s another layer of value for our clients on top of our ability to fully customize timber frame kits, timber frame plans, or architectural designs to turn your fantasy house into reality.



With traditional architectural technology, every change to a timber frame design requires a rendering process using a trial-and-error approach. This can take hours. For clients, this translates into a longer design process with an increased risk of delays. Even after waiting, the visual is limited. The final product provides a fly-through perspective, but with simplified, pared-down imagery.

“Without Twinmotion, fly-throughs are diagrammatic, almost cartoonish,” explains Antonio Acevedo, Woodhouse design graphics manager.

In contrast, Woodhouse’s architectural visualization capabilities are transformative. Instead of hours, the change is instantaneous. Moreover, the photo-realistic imagery gives you an intimate experience of your home.

“That realism gives the impression of taking a video camera through the space!” Acevedo exclaims.


For Woodhouse clients, gone are the days of trying to understand how timber frame houses look based on blueprints, sketches, and archaic, animated visuals. You get to tour your house through the lens of gorgeous, continuous cinematography.

Do you want to experience how your house feels at twilight? Or see if the great room still feels expansive with your furniture arrangements? What about a different exterior stone? Just ask! Changes like these are made in an instant.


Personalized Timber Frame Designs

Approximately 95% of Woodhouse clients customize their timber frame kits. Walkout basements, a second primary bedroom, additional fireplaces, an open loft, bunk room, gear closets, wine rooms, entertainment spaces, gourmet kitchens, an additional level, or even reduced square footage — the possibilities are endless. And now, our clients receive additional reassurance that they are getting exactly what they want.

“Our fly-throughs afford the client an added layer of comfort,” says Woodhouse Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Craig Johnson. “From timber frame kits to full customization, the fly-through helps a person visualize what it is that has been designed for them. They get a special sense of the home.”

A Woodhouse fly-through can solidify design choices or identify where changes need to be made. It allows a visual double-check of details such as post and beam location, overhead clearance levels, stairway placement, etc. With the ability to choose furniture, colors, and textures, you can watch your personal Woodhouse home come to life.


You also get to see how your house fits the land itself. We can show you how our timber frame houses fit the site location, home orientation, solar path, and views of your property. How does a bedroom appear with sunlight streaming into it on a bright afternoon? Will the stairway appear too dark on a cloudy morning? Does the great room capture the desired view? See it before you build it.


Complete Convenience

Offering this level of performance might feel like an expensive add-on, but it’s part of Woodhouse’s standard set of services. Moreover, these services are completed in-house, which streamlines the process. Every client gets a fly-through tour for every iteration. It’s part of our design process.”

The technology also allows clients to have interactive meetings with their Woodhouse designer whether they are hundreds of miles away or in person. A link to a protected website portal lets clients access their designs at their convenience. It makes it easy to show the design to family and friends, the contractor, code enforcer, or whoever needs to see the renderings.


See What Woodhouse Can Do for You

If you’re excited to envision the next step of your timber home journey, we can bring your dream home to life before you’re committed to breaking the ground. Contact your local Woodhouse representative to learn more.