Imagine waking up in a historic timber fame house and drinking coffee on the deck while listening to the sounds of timber being cut close by. Or it might be the smell of fresh cut wood that you notice first. This could be a glorious way to start your day, but the best part of the day is yet to come: where  your dream of building your own timber frame house can start to become a reality.

Making a dream come true is a big deal. We get that. You need to have the vision, the will and the right partners to make it happen. You’ll know when you are ready, but how do you know if you’re working with the right folks? You need the understanding and confidence that your team can make it happen.

Woodhouse is the only company to pull back the curtain and invite current and potential customers to see how we make dreams come true, or more specifically, how we take your dream home and build it into reality.

If you want to see the behinds-the-scene magic, come visit Woodhouse! We would love to meet and show you our Mansfield, PA headquarters. You’ll also have the opportunity to chat with our experts and describe your ideas for your Woodhouse timber frame home.

A visit to the Woodhouse campus involves more than just walking and talking. We firmly believe the best way to immerse yourself in the experience is with an overnight stay at our Woodhouse Guest Suite.  Spending a cozy and relaxing night in our suite will give you a sense of what living in a timber frame is all about.

Otto Von Bismark famously said, “Laws are like sausages, it is better to not see them being made.”  But here at Woodhouse, we think it’s just the opposite. We want you to fully experience the process so that you leave not only with a better understanding of the process, but hopefully also with some new ideas!  Let’s face it: the better informed you are, the bigger you can dream for your Woodhouse timber frame home. Our customers agree! “Being able to be immersed in the process has helped us to better understand how a house will all come together,” said a recent visitor to our Woodhouse campus.

Our Guest Suite

We really meant it when we said that we want you to immerse yourself in the experience. Our Woodhouse guest suite lets you stay right on the Woodhouse campus. This 150-year-old renovated building has a fascinating history. Originally built as a root cellar, it was then converted into a personal pottery studio by the first Woodhouse owner, Steve Keller. Nearly two decades ago, Woodhouse built the guest suite as we know it today by building a small timber frame on top of the existing foundation.

A creative person by nature, Steve used this place to unwind. When Woodhouse took it over, we used it as our design studio. As things got busier and the design studio outgrew the building, we knew it would be perfect as a guest house for guests to stay in when visiting the Woodhouse campus. You can feel the sense of history and coziness that Steve originally created from the moment you open those barn doors and walk into the guest suite.

The Woodhouse guest suite comes fully furnished and includes cable, internet and a full kitchen for a cozy timber frame experience. After your overnight stay, you can enjoy a leisurely morning with coffee on the back deck, the sounds of timber being cut next door and what we think is the best part – free breakfast! We provide OJ, milk, bagels, eggs and bacon. “Having people care enough to provide food for us, give us the grand tour and give us a special place to stay made our decision easy,” said another recent guest.

View more photos of the guest suite and get a 3D Virtual Reality tour here.

Timber Frame Campus Tour

Once you arrive at our Mansfield campus, nestled in the wilds of Pennsylvania, we’ll start with a tour of the model home. This gives us the opportunity to review the different wood species and joinery techniques that could be used in your Woodhouse timber frame home.

Our talented teams are excited to go beyond the show-and-tell and discuss your plans and ideas. You will have the chance to meet and speak with our architects, designers and craftsmen. You have the ideas and they have the experience. We combine the two and together, come up with the solutions that are right for you. Ultimately, our design team’s goals are the same as yours – to make your ideas come to life. Learn about our custom design process here.

The next stop of the tour is our wood shop where you’ll see timbers being cut and assembled with precision and focus by a dedicated team of craftsmen that love their job.

Depending on the time of your visit, you may be able to visit some of the finished Woodhouse timber frame homes in the surrounding area with Woodhouse’s CEO, Patrick Seaman.  The lucky visitors who get to explore these homes may tour two to three homes situated in the woods, on the lake, or near a vineyard in the Finger Lakes region in New York. If you are interested in visiting these beloved homes, contact us now to set up an appointment.

Let Your Mind (and Feet) Wander

We’re located in a gorgeous part of the country, which we encourage you to visit and enjoy during your stay. Plus, you might find some added inspiration from the natural surroundings!

Nature lovers will want to spend time in the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon.  This hidden gem is a fantastic place for hiking, walking or kayaking. The Rail Trail, a converted railroad bed, is one the most popular spots for hiking and biking. For those who like to just take it all in, Colton Point (on the west) and Leonard Harrison (on the east) each offer spectacular views.

Mansfield is located less than 60 miles south of NY wine country. The Finger Lakes region now boasts not only top-notch wineries, but also its fair share of craft breweries, distilleries and even cideries. Discover a new favorite beverage and bring a bottle back to enjoy our guest suite. Pop the top and make a toast to your home dreams coming true.

C’mon Out and See Us

A stay at the Woodhouse campus is a great  way to combine business with pleasure. We like to think that there’s more pleasure than business! Make sure to take a lot of photos and share them with us on our Instagram and Facebook. Oh, and one last thing – be sure to ask about our travel expense reimbursement program too.

Contact us and book your stay at the Woodhouse Guest Suite now! Availability in the guest suite fills up quickly and we want to ensure that you get to book a time that is convenient for you. We’re looking forward to seeing you soon.