At some point in every initial conversation that we have with a potential client, the question of cost comes up. Usually worded as “I know it’s difficult to answer because there are so many variables, but could you give us an approximate cost per square foot for a Woodhouse timber frame home?”

I usually answer: “You’re right it is very difficult, that’s why we developed the budget calculator, which will give you a more accurate estimate. However, the quick answer is;” And I go on to show two Woodhouse kitchens of the same size — one cost $20,000 and one cost $150,000. Cost per square foot? $84 per square foot for the one and $630 per square foot for the other. This underlines the highly variable nature of my ultimate answer.

Of course, every potential client needs to know what their home is ultimately going to cost and we encourage an open and frank conversation about budget and costs. A Woodhouse timber frame home is going to cost between $175 and $250 per square foot (it can go much higher) to build.

This is what we refer to as a “turn-key” cost estimate. In other words, the complete home to move-in condition. A typical Woodhouse 3,000 square foot timber frame home would then cost between $525,000 and $750,000.

As indicated above, there are many variables that will influence this number up or down. These include:

  • Volume of space is a better indicator of cost than square footage
  • Cathedral space costs more than space under a second floor.
  • Finish specifications — granite costs more than formica; a Wolfe stove costs more than a KitchenAid.
  • Location can have a huge impact on building costs — it costs more to build in California than it does in Texas.
  • The home site influences cost — perching a home on the edge of a ravine costs more than flat, open prairie land due to builder access.

At the end of the day, what really matters is that we have a good understanding of what you are choosing to spend on your home and the ultimate space and functionality that you require. Your Woodhouse Regional Project Manager or Independent Builder Dealer can quickly guide you toward the most appropriate design and building method.