With these design ideas, pools and water features make for a stunning addition to your timber frame design.



Humans have an inherent affinity for water. Being near water features, natural or manmade, boosts our physical and mental health in many ways. The sound of flowing water is akin to white noise, reducing stress and promoting relaxation. At home, pools provide an oasis of tranquility, beckoning one in for a refreshing dip on a hot day. Decorative or recreational, a water feature enhances a lifestyle. Here’s how to make a splash with pool design.


The Right Fit

The flexibility of timber frame design makes it the perfect building system for a variety of property types, including those with challenging topography. As a result, not every timber frame property can accommodate a conventional swimming pool. Ideally, a property should have a swath of level land not prone to flooding. Local building codes and accessibility for pool construction are other considerations that can determine if a pool is the right fit for a property. If at first glance your property doesn’t seem like it’s a good fit for a pool, don’t assume it’s a no-go. Our team can connect you with the right experts to thoroughly assess your options.


Size it Right

The same way a timber frame can be customized to your lifestyle and property needs, so can a pool. Luxury pools come in all shapes and sizes and serve different purposes. Do you want a playful water park for energetic grandkids or a serene space for reflection and relaxation? Maybe it’s a statement space in the form of a pocket-sized plunge pool or hot tub, accenting an outdoor bar or entertaining space.


Indoors or Out?

As you explore pool designs, you’ll likely wonder if your pool should be enclosed or al fresco. There are advantages to each. An outdoor pool immerses you in fresh air, connecting you to the beauty of your unique property. An indoor pool is a much larger investment due to enclosure costs but makes up for that with lower maintenance needs and year-round enjoyment no matter how frightful the weather.

With the right design, a pool can become a show-stopping piece of artwork, as in this stunning example (pictured at top of page) in which an elegant mountain-style timber frame design boasts a contemporary pool. Modern lights and rectangular pavers add sophisticated elegance against the naturalized landscape and timber frame lodge.

Indoor pools demand an enclosure worthy of their luxury, and a Woodhouse timber frame answers the call. Take for example the gorgeous, massive timber frame trusses that bring warmth and accentuate the simplicity of this indoor lap pool and hot tub in Forestburgh, New York (pictured above).


Add a Bit of Panache

Indoors or out, big or small, a pool can be integrated with other water features that elevate the experience. Fountains bring a melodic touch of a bubbling stream against tranquil waters for an acoustic and visual treat. For a masterpiece example of the serenity an outdoor pool with fountains can impart, soak in the views of this pool integrated with a Woodhouse timber frame home design in Beaufort, South Carolina. Graceful, arching water fountain features add to the sweeping, panoramic views.

Hot tubs are another natural addition to a pool. They can be at the same level or stepped up and connected to the pool below with a petite waterfall. With its organic curves and stonework, this White Lake, New York pool (pictured below) brings the natural appeal of a Woodhouse timber frame cabin to the outside, providing a place to swim or relax in the hot tub that flows into the pool water below. Saunas and steam rooms also bring a touch of luxury and well-being to a timber frame lifestyle. When placed near the pool you can take an invigorating, therapeutic cold plunge in a pool after a session in your hot tub or sauna.


Jump In

Imagine how a custom pool can accent the house of your dreams. Woodhouse will help you customize your home and integrate a breathtaking pool for your ideal lifestyle. Get your feet wet by exploring our gallery and floor plans, or contact us for a conversation about how you want to live and the house that can make it happen.