Get to know the creative powerhouse behind our high-performance design process and celebrated timber frame homes.

Building a home is a significant investment of time, energy, and money. It’s true that a timber frame home can provide exactly what you want in a house, but only a timber frame company with an excellent design process can ensure your ideal timber frame plan reaches its full potential. Our design process is intimate and structured to give you peace of mind and complete transparency at every decision point. Meet the people who make that possible.


Jeff Kriner

Woodhouse Senior Home Designer

Jeff Kriner is one of several senior home designers who work closely with Woodhouse architect, Diana Allen, to ensure a design meets the client’s expectations and budget. Jeff went to school for architectural drafting and design, and he learned about Woodhouse a couple years after graduation. The rest, he says, is history. He’s been with Woodhouse since 1997.


Design Favorites

Jeff chooses the HighLand as his favorite design.

“It’s one of our earliest designs and has stood the test of time, always having interest from customers every year,” Jeff says. “I have always preferred a timber frame ranch style and the HighLand has good proportions and curb appeal.”


HighLand Floor Plan - Woodhouse, The Timber Frame Company

Client Advice

Understanding the entire spectrum of a client’s likes and dislikes helps Jeff specify a solid design. He asks that clients describe not just their needs and wants, but also what they did not like about their previous homes and why.


Final Words

“A timber frame allows for a lot of flexibility,” Jeff explains. “The exterior can look similar to a conventional home or embrace any amount of exterior timber accents. The design can be a full timber frame structure or scaled back to a ‘hybrid.’ A popular theme is to utilize timber in common areas for a ‘wow’ factor while using less in more private spaces, a concept that can help align design intent with a tighter budget.”


A Design Process Designed for Your Dream Home

Now that you’ve met our design team, visit our gallery page to see real examples of Woodhouse homes. Our extraordinary design team is posting new floor plans all the time. In addition to more than 90 timber frame home plans in a wide variety of home styles, we provide full custom home architectural services. Be in the know by signing up for our newsletter (we always respect your privacy) and following us on social media. Want more? Contact us for a conversation.