You have signed your purchase agreement, designed your dream home with your architect, and have selected your builder team. Now it’s building time! This is an exciting time for owners and the building crew alike. To make things easy, we have narrowed the home construction phase into 6 steps. You will be amazed at how quickly your home becomes a reality.


Timber Frame Construction Phases:


1. Site Preparation and Laying the Foundation



Your builder will begin by stripping the topsoil to begin excavation. They will then begin to lay the footers, which is what the base of your home’s foundation will rest on. Next your builder will fill the footers with concrete and then they will begin to form the foundation walls. After they frame out the windows, they will fill the form with concrete and then start to install the floor system. While there are many types of foundations (PWF, ICF, CMUs and Pre-cast), we will focus on the poured concrete foundation walls.






2. Timber Frame Raising



It’s raisin’ day! Historically, timber framing was a community-driven project. A “barn raising” would typically involve a farmer and his neighbors raising the structure together. Several timber framing traditions may be observed at the raising, including placement of a coin under the first post, or celebrating with a “topping off” ceremony, where a (species of the frame) pine bough is placed on the frame’s highest point to pay homage to the trees that made the structure possible. In this day and age we have a team of trusted builders raise the frame for us, but we still see a reason for a celebration – so tap a keg and have a party! 






3. Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) Application



Next, the SIPs are installed on the timber frame. The second floor timber framing and outdoor deck will be installed so that the builders can finish the roof. The SIPs roof is also installed, which has maximum energy efficiency. A house wrap is wrapped around the exterior to protect the SIPs before the exterior is finished.


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4. Installation of Windows and Doors



The windows and door installation will take place during this phase. The builder will begin garage construction.


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5. Finishing the Exterior



During this phase the builder will complete the exterior trim and then finish the roof installation, install beveled edge horizontal siding (A.K.A. clapboard) on the walls, and shakes on the gables. They will finish any exterior decking and stain the exterior timbers.


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6. Finishing the Interior



This phase is especially exciting for home owners. It is when you will see most of the fine details you choose for your home come to life. After the primer coat of paint is completed, your builder will install the stairs, doors, cabinets, counters, and floors. They will also finish any mechanics such as plumbing of the faucets and shower heads, and your light fixtures and thermostat will be installed.


South Lyon MI Timber Frame Home (38)


7. Welcome Home. Your Life, Your Dream, Your Home.



After the finishing touches are added and your home is cleaned of dust and left over building materials, it is time to move in! Open a bottle of champagne and invite your loved ones over to see your new creation. It is time to enjoy your new life.


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