Woodhouse designs all types of timber frame homes, from small cabins to lavish ski resorts and everything in between. That being said, one of our favorite things to build is barn homes. Many people see old beautiful barns and imagine what it would be like if they could restore it and make it into a cozy home. Woodhouse has an answer for that – our collection of Barn Homes takes the beauty and appeal of a barn, and combines it with the comfort of a modern home.

Still featuring the amazing great room of a timber frame home, barn homes have the added appeal of traditional exterior design that mimic older homes built in rural settings. A barn home takes all the appeal of yesteryear and combines it with today’s advanced building and insulating techniques. Truly an excellent first home for a growing family.

From the small stable-sized Northfield to the beautiful Oak Meadow (an example of which is pictured here), these timber frame home plans can fulfill that dream.

Call Woodhouse today to discuss how we can create your dream home! Woodhouse has Regional Sales Managers in all four corners of the U.S. and a network of qualified Independent Builder Dealers ready to take on your home project. Now is the best time to begin your timber frame dream project. You can contact us via email (sales@timberframe1.com) or call toll-free at 800-227-4311.

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