2,781 sq.ft.

Warm, natural and inviting, the RidgeLine timber frame floor plan is designed for cozy living. At 2,781 square feet with 3 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms, this home de- fines country living. The long shed roof and porch frame the front entrance, which opens up to the warm timbers of the open living space and stone fireplace. A smaller screened-in back porch is perfect for relaxing during the evenings. The home features high ceilings and simple windows, which make for a traditional feel. Additionally, there is an ensuite master bedroom on the ground floor, with two more bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs.

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Appalachian Home Series

The Appalachian style cabin was less of an intentional design aesthetic than it was a product of necessity and rugged ingenuity.  The Scotch-Irish settlers who pushed West into the mountains of the southern colonial territories utilized the materials at hand- fieldstone, log timbers, and clay to build simple, single room shelters with steep roofs, stone chimneys and warm lofts that protected from the snow, wind and rains.  As time and abundance allowed, new rooms and subsequent wings were built, resulting in the add-hock Appalachian style that we admire today.

The architects and craftsmen at Woodhouse pay tribute to those generations of homesteaders with our Appalachian Home Series.  While hand-cut logs and clay chinking have been replaced with energy saving SIP paneled walls and expertly crafted timber frames, the original inspiration carries through to today. 

Model Home Renderings

Features and Dimensions

1st Floor

  • Foyer – 10’10″x12′
  • Living Area – 24’7″ x 12’3″
  • Dining Room – 24’7″ x 11’8″
  • Kitchen – 23’11” x 12’7″
  • Powder Room – N/A
  • Master Bedroom – 14’7″” x 18’7″”
  • Walk In Closet – 14’7×7′
  • Master Bathroom – 14’7×11’4″

2nd Floor

  • Loft – 20’1″ x 12’7″
  • Bedroom (2) – 15’1″ x 12′
  • Bedroom (3) – 18’2″ x 13′
  • Bathroom – N/A


  • Covered front porch
  • Deck

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