Top 5 New Predesigned Plans

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Welcome to the Top 5 new plans of 2022 (at least thus far!), our top picks from the wealth of new plans we have launched in the recent past. While we do strive to develop our ‘pre-design’ catalog, our team of architects and designers are fully capable of creating custom plans from scratch and actually create more custom plans than pre-designs each year.

If you are looking to design a home with an architect, we partner with some of the best architects in the country to bring their creativity to life in the form of a beautiful timber frame. Check out some of the beautiful homes we have crafted with architects, the Ridge Road and Eaglestone.

One more important piece of information regarding design. Check out this extensive design guide that we use as part of our design process. This comprehensive overview gives a snapshot of the design process here at Woodhouse. After all, it is your home and we are just happy to play a small part in the realization of your dream home.

The Dream Home Budget Calculator Questions

How Much Will Your Dream Home Cost To Build?

The Dream Home Budget Calculator helps homebuyers determine the cost to build their dream timber frame home. Enter your choices among 20 key categories and the calculator will provide you with a cost summary. It’s fast, accurate, and it’s free to use.