Timber Frame Pavilion

Home is where laughter and fond memories are made with loved ones, so why not extend that space to the outside? Outdoor structures are unbelievably versatile and offer a wide variety of options to create memorable spaces through the addition of amenities like kitchens, fireplaces, hot tubs, or a performing stage. Create an oasis where you can enjoy a quiet morning coffee while listening to the rain, or invite friends over to create new memories under the warm embrace of a timber frame.

Woodhouse: The Timber Frame Company is an artisan maker of ready-to-assemble, timber frame pavilions, timber frame pergolas, and timber frame gazebos. These outdoor timber frames are crafted with genuine old-world mortise and tenon joinery using a variety of tree species. Depending on your personal preference, Woodhouse routinely sources Douglas fir, Eastern White Pine, Southern Yellow Pine, Red or White Oak. These outdoor structures are also available in pressure-treated timbers.

Here are three outdoor structures from Woodhouse that can bring families together and enrich your lives under the comforting presence of massive timber beams and trusses.

16’x28’ King Post Long Timber Frame Pavilion

16’x28’ King Post Long Timber Frame Pavilion


This 16’x28 pavilion from Woodhouse is a timeless design with its majestic king post and peaked roof. It adds a luxurious flair to any outdoor living space. The flexibility of this sleek frame allows it to easily be added to existing structures, or to a pre-existing deck or patio, while providing practical shade.

“This pavilion is popular with homeowners who are creating an outdoor kitchen, and lounge area or have a pool,” says Craig Johnson, director of sales and marketing at Woodhouse. “For those with a pool, they can customize it to add in changing rooms, a bathroom, or to house equipment for the pool maintenance. It is an incredibly versatile design that would add elegance to any style of home, but particularly it compliments an existing timber frame home. In that instance, we can match a homeowner’s existing tree species and color stain, so that the architectural transition to the outdoor space is completely seamless.”


16’x31’ Timber Frame Pergola

16’x31’ Timber Frame Pergola


If you want the majestic appeal of timber framing with protection from direct sunlight, but with a structure that’s open to soft breezes, consider the 16’x31’ timber frame pergola from Woodhouse. “No matter what environment you are building in, whether it’s on a coastline with high winds, large snow loads in the high country of the Rockies, or anything in between, the pergolas Woodhouse crafts are built to last for multiple generations,” says Johnson.

Pergolas from Woodhouse are traditional timber frame structures with mortise and tenon joinery and are factory stained to the customer’s desired color. Woodhouse offers a full spectrum of premium wood species to choose from and designs can be customized to your exact needs. Options include arched open sky pergolas, attached to the home pergolas, modern large beam timber pergolas, Victorian trellis pergolas, and more.


12’x12’ Timber Frame Gazebo

Gazebo - timber framed outdoor structures


If you want to create an elegant outdoor space for meditation, yoga, or a romantic setting for enjoying the outdoors, then the 12’x12’ timber frame gazebo from Woodhouse could be the perfect choice for your backyard or garden. “It’s a great space to gather for families and friends in any season,” says Johnson. “The simple beauty of the octagonal shape can add a lot of charm to your backyard. It has generous eaves to protect you from the elements. It’s a great investment in your home because it can be enjoyed year-round and in all weather.”

As with any design at Woodhouse, this gazebo is customizable through the in-house design team and other sizes are available as well. Many resorts, hotels, and B&Bs add timber frame gazebos from Woodhouse as an elegant design focal point for weddings and other events, Johnson says. Moreover, it can be customized to include a full enclosure system, including windows and doors.


How to Get Started Living Your Best Outdoor Life

As with all Woodhouse structures, these designs are completely customizable through the company’s experienced in-house design team. Once a design is finalized, the frame for the pavilion can be cut by the company’s CNC technology quickly to precise dimensions and shipped to the homeowner, usually within six to eight weeks, depending on the time of year. The pavilion arrives with all needed tenons to make connections to the frame in a “barn-raising” style event or installed by professionals, whichever you prefer. The pavilion kit includes cedar roof decking to complete the roof. Shingles or other roofing materials are not provided, since most homeowners prefer to match their existing roofing materials, Johnson says.

If you want to add an outdoor space where lasting memories can be created for generations, contact us or reach out to one of Woodhouse’s regional project managers, or local builder dealers. A pavilion, pergola, or gazebo from Woodhouse can help you and your family live the best outdoor life.