When your timber frame builder gets support from Woodhouse, expect a smooth experience, a stunning home, and unexpected benefits.


“Do you build your timber frame homes?” This is one of the first questions potential clients ask us. Woodhouse is devoted to bringing your timber frame dream home to life. Because timber frame home construction is part of that process, we’ve perfected a system that supports timber frame home builders. Although design, manufacturing, and construction are closely related, they are different processes and require separate areas of expertise and resources.


Design to Delivery

Woodhouse is a designer and manufacturer of timber frame homes and commercial structures. In addition to more than 90 timber frame home plans and 20 stunning home styles, we provide full custom home architectural services and more than 95% of our homes are custom designed to some extent. We will work with you to design your floor plan, then use our technology to cut the components needed to construct your timber frame home.


Timber Frame Home Great Room and Dining Area


The actual construction process is handled by an independent builder/general contractor. Timber frame home builders take our components and use them to assemble the timber frame and structural insulated panel (SIP) walls. Then they finish the house with the final details.

We used to have our own in-house construction crew but decided to move away from that model due to the difficulties of maintaining a national footprint, the limitations on having multiple simultaneous projects, and the fact that local trades were often much more cost-effective. We found that switching to a role that supports independent builders and perfecting that process proved to be much more beneficial to everyone involved, especially our clients.


Why Choose Local?

There are many reasons why using a local timber frame builder is a smart choice.

  • Builders are busy and the pandemic has only exacerbated the problem. Relying on an in-house crew risks delaying the construction of your timber frame home for months. With an independent timber frame builder, a client can often get their home built sooner.
  • Cost Efficiency. Using a local builder means clients don’t have to pay the additional fees associated with using an out-of-state installation crew (e.g., travel costs and housing).
  • Local Knowledge. A local general contractor is more likely to have a known network of available craftsmen along with greater knowledge of the area where they are building. This knowledge can include the ins and outs of zoning ordinances and permit approval processes.


Using a local builder has its advantages, but for these benefits to be fully realized in a timber frame home, you need a timber frame manufacturer that has a reputable system in place and capabilities to support your builder. We’re proud to be that manufacturer.


Baliview Southern Yellow Pine Timber Frame Home by Woodhouse

How We Support Independent Home Builders

Because it’s unfamiliar territory, many home builders tend to shy away from timber frame home projects. However, once they find out the depth of support and education we provide throughout the building process, they are quick to get excited. While working with an experienced timber frame builder is always ideal, Woodhouse has the expertise to ensure a smooth experience also for builders who are new to the world of timber framing.

For starters, we always send a technical representative to work with them during the early stages of construction. This gives the builder the knowledge to understand how our timber frame and SIP system works. In fact, many quickly go from being SIP skeptics to enthusiastic supporters. Under the guidance of our technical expert, we usually get most, if not all, of the timbers installed in the first weeks of the timber frame home construction. Once the technical representative is no longer on-site, our in-house staff is available to remotely assist with any build-related questions or issues that a builder may have.

Woodhouse also has independent contractors who focus on the installation of timbers and panels and then hand the project off to the local general contractor. Having this sort of flexibility allows Woodhouse to do what is right for the client and the builder.

Woodhouse Northeast Regional Project Manager (RPM) Jay Hodgson has worked in construction trades most of his life. He spent 20 years in residential construction and as a general manager for a construction company. He recalls his first time building a Woodhouse home as an independent builder with zero previous timber frame experience. He went on to construct three additional Woodhouse homes before being hired as a Woodhouse RPM.

“As someone who was an independent builder, putting up a timber frame is very exciting,” Hodgson says. “It’s different than most construction. It was so much cooler to be involved from day one, rather than have an outside company come in and install the most fun portion. I took more ownership of the project. You feel more connected to the house and that helps with finishing the house out.”


Looking for a Timber Frame Home Builder?

If you’re looking for a builder, we can help you. We have a network of approximately three dozen Woodhouse certified independent builder dealers. Furthermore, we also have the contacts of builders in most regions that are good referrals and can help locate a timber frame builder in your area.


Custom Eastern White Pine Black Walnut Timber Frame Home by Woodhouse

Start Here!

If you’re looking for a knowledgeable timber frame company that will be fully transparent about your timber frame home, contact your region’s Woodhouse RPM for a more detailed conversation. You can also visit our gallery page to get inspired and see just what all we can do for you.