From durability to efficiency to the flexibility of style, Woodhouse timber frame homes outpace log and conventional homes with advantages that are both desirable and numerous.

In their initial explorations, many people find that log homes and timber frame homes offer exactly what they want. These gorgeous, captivating homes wrap their owners in a sense of security that feels permanent and reassuring. They offer connection to the land with the use of ample wood and timbers. There are, however, distinct differences between the two. When compared to log or other building options, timber frame homes emerge as the winner with an array of impressive and distinct advantages.



Whether the style is stately and rugged or fresh and demure, a timber frame home is built to last. Across the globe, timber frame homes have stood for centuries, guardians of their reputation for endurance and permanence.

When massive timbers are coupled with our structural insulated panel (SIP) walls, you get a structure that is more resilient against the impacts of weather and natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes, heavy snow, wildfires, and tornadoes. These are legacy homes, poised to give you and future generations endless, memorable enjoyment. 


Environmental Benefits

These days, building with a lower environmental impact is of utmost importance. A timber frame or post and beam home is one of the most environmentally sustainable building options. With the lowest carbon cost of any building material, every completed home saves approximately four tons of carbon dioxide (CO2). Using timber frames along with renewable technologies is an economical way to achieve an energy-efficient and sustainable home. Here are more reasons timber frame homes are an environmentally smart choice:

  • Wood is a non-toxic renewable building material.
  • Our SIP panels are constructed from an engineered wood product from fast-growing, young tree species that were once considered useless by the lumber industry.
  • Waste wood can be easily recycled once it reaches its “end of life.”
  • Timber frames use far less wood than conventional platform construction homes.
  • With soaring ceilings and expansive internal space, a timber frame home can live large, even with a small footprint.


Energy Efficiency

Our timber frame and SIP building system delivers exceptional energy efficiency that meet, and even exceed, some of the highest standards in the industry. Because Woodhouse SIPs are made with injected liquid polyurethane (PUR) foam, our panels outperform standard SIPs that are made with expanded polystyrene (EPS). Unlike standard SIPs and conventional fiberglass insulation, the R-value (the measurement of how material resists energy loss) of our SIPs does not diminish over the years. This insulation superpower makes our timber frame homes easy to heat and retain heat in cold weather while staying cool during hotter months.



Design options for a timber frame home are endless. With no interior load-bearing walls, these homes are fully customizable — walls can be added, shifted, or removed entirely. We can design a custom home from scratch or tailor one of our more than 90 floorplans to fit your lifestyle. In addition to reconfiguring the interior, our timber frame homes allow you to:

  • Select any exterior to achieve your desired style – whether it’s shou sugi ban, cedar shake, board-and-batten, stone, concrete, or something else entirely including a mix of different finishes.
  • Use drywall for interior surfaces of exterior walls and/or the roof ceiling to maximize use of color and alternative finishes.
  • Enjoy how the inherent qualities of the timbers bring warmth, authenticity, and definition into your home, naturally.


The Exciting Part

Now that you’re familiar with the myriad of advantages of a timber frame home, you can have fun checking out our library of timber frame home styles. You can also visit our gallery page and get excited over what we can do for you. Try our Dream Home Budget Calculator, a free resource that can help you determine the cost of your dream home. Contact us with any questions or for more information.