Log Home and Timber Frame: What Is the Difference in Cost?

Most custom homes, whether they are log or frame, will cost between 10% and 30% more than an equivalent conventionally built house. Around 50-60% of the costs are in the functional areas of the home – kitchens, bathrooms, mechanicals, floors, cabinets, masonry work, fixtures, closets, appliances, trim, stairs, paint, counters, gutters, hot water, dimmers, and everything else in between! These costs generally don’t change with the size of the home. Therefore, to control the cost of your project, compile a budget with your builder on the cost of finishes. You can have a home built that’s as big as a barn very cheap, or you can build very small and very expensive.

The median budget for building a log or timber frame home is around $200 per square foot. Some areas can be as low as $150 and some areas as high as $500. The building site can affect the cost of the build – the more difficult (steeper, rockier, no access to some sides) the more costly.

Start your process to design and build your new timber frame home with an appropriate budget and work with our experts at Woodhouse to develop plans that work with that budget!