Timber frame wedding venues set the stage for memories that will last a lifetime. 



In today’s competitive wedding market, an event venue’s unique personality is as crucial as the services it offers. When planning their special day, couples seek a destination to provide an unforgettable backdrop for their momentous occasion. Enter: a timber-framed venue.

With striking displays of stunning wood, timber frame wedding venues epitomize class and elegance, offering a unique blend of modern and rustic aesthetics. Amidst the sea of cookie-cutter locations and generic franchises, a timber frame structure sets your business apart, creating a striking first impression—before guests ever even step inside.

The significance of the venue in the wedding planning process can’t be understated in today’s industry, either. It’s not just one of the most significant elements for setting the day’s tone; it’s also one of the largest expenses for couples, with the average spending around $15,000 on a location. 

Timber frame wedding venues not only provide a romantic and memorable setting — they’re also a smart business venture. Here’s why investing in an impressive timber frame from Woodhouse could be the best decision for your event business.



Why Choose Timber Framing

With soaring ceilings, exposed warm wood beams, and expansive floor plans, commercial timber frame structures create picturesque wedding locations. But it’s not just about looks. They’re also known for their strength and durability. The historic-yet-innovative construction system can withstand the test of time and weather, providing a reliable and lasting investment. Modern timber frame structures are designed with energy efficiency in mind. They offer superior insulation, reducing heating and cooling costs and ensuring guests remain comfortable regardless of the season. This energy efficiency not only benefits the environment but also reduces operational costs, securing your bottom line.


Case Study: Kelly Aldridge

Take Woodhouse Independent Representative Kelly Aldridge, for example, who is building a multi-purpose timber frame space in Tennessee — a long-held dream for him. For this space in particular, he wanted to build a barn-like structure that looks like it’s been there for 75-100 years. “Timber framing fulfilled that desire,” he says.

Woodhouse’s designs offer incredible customization flexibility. You can tailor the space to meet the specific needs of different events, providing a versatile venue that can accommodate everything from intimate gatherings to large celebrations. This adaptability, whether for a chapel, clubhouse, or otherwise, makes the venue more attractive to a broader range of clients.

Kelly wanted his venue to be large enough to house boutique-type events while maintaining an intimate feel. His space will expand, opening up to porches, including one with a fireplace. The main hall will be flooded with natural light, showcasing a picturesque view of the mountains. There will be a small hall in full timber frame and an attached two-level wing with a kitchen and upstairs studio, which will be used for yoga classes, yoga retreats, and a place for wedding parties to get ready. “We’ll also host small music events on the property and in the hall when the weather turns colder.”

For Kelly, connecting with Woodhouse first started with a web search. After initiating a conversation, he says the process was easy and pressure-free. “Everything is to my timeline and the staff is great to work with,” he says. Despite other nearby timber frame manufacturers, he found all to be too small-scale. “I wanted a larger company with a smaller feel. That’s Woodhouse.”



Attention to Every Detail

The details of designing a timber frame structure go far beyond the look and feel. Factors like climate and topography must be considered for any project. Woodhouse has the expertise help you navigate every detail, from square footage to siting to accommodating the local weather, so you can feel confident throughout the building process.

Large venues have been a significant part of Woodhouse’s business for years, evolving from simple barn-style timber frames to elegant, fully customizable event centers. Explore numerous examples of these in the gallery or the Woodhouse Timber Frame Event Center Series to see spaces that double as distilleries, wineries, breweries, and more.


Get Started

With our expertise and creativity, the Woodhouse team can bring your vision to life. Explore our gallery and floor plans for inspiration, and contact us today to start building your elegant, rustic commercial timber frame venue.