Log Home & Timber Frame Exteriors: What Are the Differences?

Log homes and timber frame homes may sound similar, but in comparison, they look very different. Both offer the rustic beauty of wood that appeals to many homeowners, yet each style has unique advantages and limitations. If you love the idea of building your future home with wood, take a look at the differences between log and timber frame homes:

Log Homes vs Timber Frame Home Exteriors

Log Homes vs Timber Frame Home Exteriors

Log Home Building Process

  • Log homes are built by stacking one log atop another; the logs often vary in size.
  • The interior and exterior walls of a log home are the logs themselves, which provide the structural support for the floors and roof.
  • The roof system can be composed of trusses, conventional materials, or exposed beams.
  • A log home is mechanically fastened with several of the connections being concealed with trim.

Timber Frame Home Building Process

  • Timber frame homes are composed of vertical uprights called posts and horizontal cross members called beams.
  • The beams connect the posts together to form a structurally solid frame.
  • The roofing system may be composed of trusses, purlins, or rafters.
  • The walls are the insulating envelope, along with the roof, and are composed of structural insulated panels (SIPs), a three-layer panelized building system that uses either expanded polystyrene or polyurethane as its core insulation.
  • The interior surface of the exterior walls and roof can be covered with drywall, allowing consistent flat walls or other options such as paneling.
  • Interior walls are not needed to support the structure, enabling walls to be placed where desired or leaving them out completely.

Timber Frame Home Design Flexibility

  • Timber frame homes allow different styles and building materials to be used externally while retaining the true rustic beauty of timber on the interior.
  • They can be built with large, expansive windows that allow much more natural light to filter into the home.
  • They are often considered more elegant than log homes due to their European feel and unique designs – either pre-designed or custom.
  • Timber frame homes are not limited to straight lines and can feature stunning vaulted ceilings with curved beams.
  • They can use other building materials as well as wood, giving them a distinct style tailored to each homeowner.


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