Use these celebrated destinations to inspire your custom timber frame home design so you can live in a dream retreat every day.



Whether on a coast, in the mountains, or among some other idyllic landscape, destination resorts allow guests to relax, rejuvenate, and spend their days doing what they love most, in a setting that’s simply stunning. Often, the most iconic resorts are picturesque expressions of their location, featuring distinct traits inspired by the regional history and culture, translated into incredible style.

Your custom home from Woodhouse can provide this same level of rest, relaxation and visual appeal. To get your inspiration flowing, we’ve picked a few distinct destinations to provide inspiration for architectural details, floor plans, interior design, and other luxury features for your Woodhouse timber frame forever home. Let the journey begin!


If You Love Amangiri, You’ll Love Woodhouse’s Contemporary or Modern Homes

The WalnutCanyon


Utah’s stark, desert beauty comes from a juxtaposition of flowing organic shapes against the plateau’s geometric canyons, mesas, buttes, and vast horizon lines. Amangiri’s quiet elegance comes from its ability to meld seamlessly into this enchanting panorama.

Amangiri is renowned for its clean, uncluttered architecture, monoplane rooflines, and viewing walls featuring large windows that integrate expansive views. Find these features in an array of Woodhouse home styles including:



If You Love The Biltmore, You’ll Love Our European Homes

The ThistleWood


The Biltmore exudes the elegance of Old World castles, palaces, and opulent manors, the kind often surrounded by meticulous gardens. Every detail emphasizes refined elegance for a sophisticated, cultured ambiance.

Many details come together to define this European aesthetic — intricate stone walls, embellished decorative elements, grand entrances, highly ornate interiors and fireplaces with scrollwork, and columns for an elegant, stately surround. Steep, pitched roofs occasionally combine with gabled roofs for an elaborate facade, while meticulous landscaping with formal and informal gardens sweep around the home. Woodhouse European homes incorporate these various elements, particularly in the form of turrets, stonework, and dark timbers, to evoke a castle-like air. Explore these styles in:



If You Love Blackberry Mountain or Amangani, You’ll Love Woodhouse’s Contemporary Mountain Homes



The AspenRidge


Like the surrounding mountains, Blackberry Mountain and Amangani are built of stone and wood, both sturdy and elegant, promising visitors cozy respite from winter snow or ultimate comfort to enjoy warm, summer days in the high country.

Defining elements include expansive use of rugged stone in the interior and exterior, large glazing elements (windows) for uninterrupted views, simple forms, and an organic feel, as if the home was pushed up from the ground. Discover these traits and other popular features, like open great rooms, central fireplaces, and covered decks, in our mountain homes including:


But….If You Love Yosemite’s Ahwahnee or the Adirondacks’ Whiteface Lodge, You’ll Love Our Rugged, Traditional Mountain Homes


The MistyMountain


Better described as “parkitechture,” these mountain retreats capture the natural drama of the parks in which they reside. Other resorts that master the mountain experience are the Stock Farm Club in Montana and Idaho’s Sun Valley Lodge.

These historic, majestic resorts served an upper-class demographic that wanted to return to nature without sacrificing luxury. Shared features include stone piers and bases using large boulders or rocks, rough-hewn timbers and logs to create a rustic feel, twig railing suggestive of the location, and columns that replicate giant tree trunks, holding up soaring vaulted ceilings. Other traits include massive stone fireplaces, great rooms, and window walls to enjoy the outdoors from indoor comforts. Experience these features in Woodhouse mountain homes like:



If You Love High Hampton or The Swag, You’ll Love Woodhouse’s Appalachian Homes


RidgeLine Cabin Design

The RidgeLine


Appalachian style is rooted in history, geology, and culture; this historic style features rambling rooms for growing families and a use of natural materials that makes these homes one with the land. For example, Appalachian homes often featured siding made of live-edged, peeled poplar bark, wavy cedar, reclaimed barnwood, or logs with dove-tailed lapped corners. These structures often had tin roofs with a rusted patina, smaller windows, and covered or screened-in porches that wrapped around the home.

Though these style indicators were often associated with humble abodes, today, you’ll find romantic iterations on full display at destinations like High Hampton or The Swag, both in North Carolina.

To carry the look to your own home, the Woodhouse Appalachian Series artfully combines these elements, using metal roofs (instead of tin) and featuring details such as vertical siding that help the home blend into the surrounding forest. Discover the Appalachian timber frame style in designs like:


If You Love the Adirondack Great Camps, You’ll Love Woodhouse Adirondack Homes

Timber Frame Homes in the Poconos of Pennsylvania

The GreatCamp

Jewels of the Gilded Age, turn-of-the-century Adirondack Great Camps were a place for the well-heeled to escape the city and immerse themselves in lavish versions of “camping.” Built with local materials in a style inspired by Swiss chalets, Great Camp cabin design emerged as its own genre. A handful of these plush resorts still exist, including The Hedges and White Pine Camp. Originally built by William Rockefeller, The Point is particularly luxe.

Great Camps exude rustic charm with rough-hewn logs, birch bark furniture, stone piers, live-edge siding, and covered, wrap-around porches, which may be duplicated on the second floor. Stone fireplaces and great rooms are toasty havens during the North Country’s bitter cold winters. These amazing structures ooze with history, culture, and the Adirondack mountain lifestyle, so it only makes sense they continue to provide so much architectural inspiration today. Don’t miss these odes to Great Camps from Woodhouse:


If You Love Montage Palmetto Bluff or Kiawah Island Golf Resort, You’ll Our Coastal Homes

The SeaCrest

Pristine beaches, palmettos, salty air, and the soothing sound of waves massaging the shore — there is nothing quite like spending time on the coast. These classic Southern escapes, with their green golf courses, warm breezes, endless blue waters, and sugar-like sands, capture the ocean lifestyle. They boast spacious interiors, lower-level walkouts, and abundant indoor-outdoor space to enjoy it all. Color palettes are informed by the ocean: bright sparkling white, muted greens, and soft blues and grays. Live the seaside style with these Woodhouse timber frame floor plans:


If You Love Half-Mile Farm, You’ll Love Woodhouse’s Modern Farmhouse Homes


The Hanford V2

Rooted in the history of hard-working farm families and embellished with folksy Americana touches, farmhouses and their modern counterparts impart a wholesome, salt-of-the earth goodness. Their crisp, classic facades accent pastoral landscapes. It’s no wonder Half-Mile Farm draws on details like “rustic-chic” decor and cozy fireplaces to create the perfect setting for a bucolic getaway.

Farmhouse beauty lies in its convergence of form and function. These are practical homes. Quintessential characteristics include big kitchens as common areas, less formal spaces, and covered porches for relaxing at the end of a long day. Fall in love with timber frame modern farmhouse plans like:


Make Every Day a Getaway

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