Take your bedroom design from basic to beyond luxurious with these expert ideas from Woodhouse.



Your home may be your haven, but much of it is still designed to be shared with others, be it family members or friends. Where do you retreat inside your home for personal space, time, and self-care? The bedroom, of course.

Bedrooms are the ultimate sanctuaries for privacy and personal taste, establishing a boundary that separates you from the worries and responsibilities of the world. Each person has their own way to unwind. It can be reading, meditating, drawing, watching television or even spending time with their thoughts over a drink. The right bedroom layout can create a calming space that is free from interruptions in order to nurture these routines.

From reading nooks to private outdoor spaces, get inspired with these strategies and ideas for custom timber-framed bedrooms — be it guest, primary, kids’, or otherwise.




A fireplace takes a bedroom to the next level, creating a soothing environment to cozy up and decompress. This primary suite fireplace in this Woodhouse timber frame in Windham, NY is a picture of coziness. And you’ll be amazed at the stylistic differences a fireplace brings to a bedroom even within a design genre, such as the modern bedrooms in this Woodhouse home in Deep Creek, MD.



Sitting, Reading, & TV Areas

Gorgeous beams, loft bedrooms, and windows with inspiring views are all classic traits of a timber frame home. These features establish special nooks and inviting spaces to give people private downtime in an environment that feels as good as it looks. Incorporate these spaces inside a bedroom or in a shared loft retreat that’s removed from the busier parts of the house.




Built-in features for books, special items, televisions, or even a little coffee bar near the balcony make a bedroom extra special. Built-ins are also an opportunity to add beautiful artisan touches that let your timber frame shine with style. They can even be made for comfy little bunk room nooks!



Sleep & Rest

More than anything else, a bedroom is for sleeping. Getting a quality night of ZZZs is critical for physical and mental health. A timber frame bedroom’s beautiful aesthetics and design can help you find the deep sleep your body craves. Sturdy and beautiful rafters and timbers can be arranged to make your bed an irresistible source of comfort and security.

These days, sleeping isn’t just for the bedroom. Just as we’ve extended our kitchens, entertaining areas, and even showers to the great outdoors, our porches and patios have become places for rest and relaxation.

“For example, we did a screened-in sleeping porch with a fireplace off the primary bedroom in our Banff floor plan,” says Woodhouse Architect, Diana Allen.



Private Outdoor Space

Speaking of an outdoor sleeping porch, outdoor spaces accessed exclusively through a bedroom also take luxury up a notch. Diana recalls designing a private deck overlooking a koi pond for a custom-designed Ketchum floorplan, and says Woodhouse is often asked to incorporate timber-covered porches off the EaglePeak primary bedroom. Screened-in, covered, deck, or porch, we can create a secluded outdoor space that extends your bedroom for alfresco enjoyment.


Baliview Southern Yellow Pine Timber Frame Home in Burdett NY


Personal Routines

Routines give our days structure and, in the bedroom, they can serve as cues to help ease you into a relaxed frame of mind or prep you for the day. Strategically placed closets and bathrooms for bedroom suites can be as opulent or minimalist as you please, but always beautiful and functional. Think: built-in vanities, walk-in closets with custom drawers, spaces for packing, or even a built-in safe.

“We’ve also designed expansive primary suites that allow laundry to be included into the walk-in closet or clothing islands for packing suitcases and assembling outfits,” Diana says.

A Woodhouse BaliView design in Burdett, NY shows off how to achieve the quiet luxury of a primary suite that’s loaded with varying ceiling heights, windows, and an expansive bathroom.



Rest Assured

With their limitless design options, a timber frame can be designed to accommodate your ideal bedroom environment. We’ll orient your room to minimize sunshine for a dark place to sleep. Or conversely, we’ll maximize the morning sun or the evening alpine glow to fill your room if you desire. Perhaps there is a view you want to see every day. We’ll orient your home and bedroom placement so it will support the way you want to live. The structure of our timbers can also define the spaciousness. Some people want a cozy little nest while others prefer soaring, vaulted ceilings. A Woodhouse timber frame can do it all.

Gather some more timber frame bedroom ideas at our gallery or contact us for a more detailed conversation about your dreamy space.